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Shope Products Directly From Your Favorite Shows with Shoppable Entertainment Network ALECIA

Imagine you’re watching a video, TV show, or movie and something on the screen catches your eye. Maybe it’s the dress your favorite character is wearing, or her BFF’s favorite purse. With ALECIA, you can simply click or tap the screen to purchase the items and keep watching without missing a moment.

ALECIA is the first truly shoppable, video-on-demand network. It’s subscription-free, and available on your TV, phone, tablet, and desktop computer.

In 2016, Alecia Vimala, the founder of ALECIA, decided to film herself assembling and cooking a pizza, and worked with an engineer to make all of the products in the video shoppable. She sent the video to about 15 people, and soon the video and prototype became viral, with the products featured quickly selling out.

“After I sent out the video, I realized this was more than an idea. There is a market here. I raised money, hired people, and we started aggressively building the program,” Vimala told WWD. Hence, ALECIA was born.

For the past two years, Vimala has been beta testing ALECIA, which just recently became available to the public. The video content is provided by either an in-house team, partnerships with production companies, or licensed distribution deals.

Unlike other video-based retail platforms, ALECIA is meant to create “authentic, on-demand” content that educates and entertains. The purpose is not directly to sell, though all featured products come from vetted brand partners of the site. The platform provides consumers experiential learning and a unique shopping capability by connecting them with brands that align with their direct interests. Additionally, it provides companies with a new format to directly engage with consumers by creating rich brand experiences to help them live better, healthier lives.

The content is divided by daytime and nighttime. Daytime content is lifestyle-based and ranges from cooking to fitness, fashion, beauty, and parenting. These videos are typically under seven minutes long and offer users relatable information they can use in their daily lives. The nighttime content includes reality shows, comedy, action, and drama, and delivers stories that captivate and transport the viewer.

All of ALECIA’s videos are shoppable, and as viewers see products on screen, they can add items to their cart without interrupting streaming, and then have their items shipped to their homes within three days. ALECIA, which is based in Nashville, TN, works with more than 600 brands, including 100 apparel brands. The ALECIA team sources products from these brands that are either the exact product or something similar to what viewers see on the shows, and ALECIA, which operates its own warehouse and maintains inventory, fulfills the order.

ALECIA recently signed a deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution for the exclusive U.S. video-on-demand streaming rights to seasons one through three of the hit series Bachelor in Paradise. It’s also formed a partnership with Kew Media Distribution, which is based in Canada. ALECIA will exclusively premier and stream four of its hit shows in the U.S.

Vimala says the team is focused on building up its content library. Right now, they add 100 to 200 new titles every four to six weeks. ALECIA currently has 263,00 active users; Vimala wants to get to 1 million within six months—and they are checking into the app three times a day. Getting them to watch the video past 45 seconds is the primary goal, as the longer they watch, the more likely they are to purchase. The average order value is between $70 and $80, but Vimala said as they add more designer brands to the platform, they expect users to spend $150 to $300 per order.

“For a long time, people have been watching entertainment content and YouTube videos and the majority of them want to purchase what they see, but there is no vehicle to make that happen yet,” Vimala explains. “I feel like all media platforms will change to have a similar business model to make the products shoppable and that will change advertising. It’s going to change how people monetize visual content.”

For more information on ALECIA, visit alecia.com.

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