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Ask the Expert: Franzy Staedter

Born and raised in Germany, Franzy Staedter showed an early interest in men’s fashion and style. At 19 years old, she ventured to Los Angeles to pursue a professional career there, and after a quick peek into Public Relations, styling became her focus and has been ever since. Now Los Angeles and Nashville based, her experience includes commerical—styling for clients like Vitamin Water, Body Armor, Apple Music, and Motorola—as well as styling music video shoots and red carpet appearances for clients such as Andy Samberg, Peter Facinelli, Cameron Dallas, Fetty Wap, and Nolan Gould. We spoke with Franzy about her experience in men’s fashion, how she’s seen the landscape evolve, and where the industry is headed.

How did you get into the men’s fashion industry? Is there anything in particular that drew you to men’s?

Seeing a man in a bespoke suit or generally being well dressed is very attractive. Before becoming a stylist, a lot of my male friends would ask me for advice and I saw that after helping them with outfits, their confidence grew and I liked that a lot. So I decided to turn a so-to-speak-hobby into a professional endeavor. 

What is the most important thing to consider when assembling an outfit for something like a red carpet event?

It really needs to represent the person. The clothes are to be worn by the person, not vise-versa. Clothes can speak volumes and that should show. And there are so many ways of doing that.

Are there any current trends in men’s fashion that surprise you? Additionally, what trends do you think we will be seeing in 2019?

I think we will see an even stronger retro influence. Pants are getting looser but in a very fashionable fitted way. There will be a mix of urban and classic lines. Suits will be fitted but not overly tight as they have been. Not a style I thought looked good on a lot of men. In the realm of urban brands, I think that Off-White and Golden Goose will gain some additional momentum.

What’s your favorite menswear look you’ve put together? What was the inspiration behind it?

There are so many that I love. I truly enjoy the process every time of finding the right pieces for each project. I worked with James Harden not too long ago. It was for a Body Armor commercial and the creativity behind it was pretty epic. He was supposed to wear something “out-dated”. However, once I put him in this amazing custom made, renaissance, royal-esque French coat with matching shirt, pants, and accessories, I definitely thought that he was very dapper and super handsome. So basically his outfit had the opposite effect on me. It’s one of my favorite commercials, style wise.

What are key things for brands to consider when marketing towards men today?

I think men want to know that they can trust the brand to be on trend and to provide the quality for the amount of money that a guy is willing to spend. I feel like there is more attention on men’s fashion than ever before. A lot of men are looking for their own personal style especially in modern entrepreneurial fields like Tech. Most men that are fashion oriented don’t want to adhere to a standard work attire. They like to put their personal spin on it or have their own cool look that they can repeat without having to spend too much time on it daily.

In your experience, how have you seen men’s fashion evolve in the past five years or so?

From my observation, men like to get more educated on fashion and are looking for outlets that will give them ideas on what to wear. Obviously GQ, Who What Wear Mens, or Men’s Journal caught on and expanded their online presence to offer more information. With that, more unique styles have come about that can be found through social media. Men’s street style has become a huge point of influence and I predict that it will steadily grow to become the main domain of influence.

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