MALVADOS Helps Soles4Souls Fight Global Poverty

Canada-based footwear brand MALVADOS has partnered with non-profit social enterprise Soles4Souls in its mission to provide relief to people in need and create sustainable jobs through the distribution of shoes and clothes around the world.

With its donation of more than 1,000 pairs of new shoes, MALVADOS hopes to help bring dignity and hope to their recipients, especially in developing countries, where walking is a primary mode of transportation and a safe, sturdy pair of shoes become life-changing. In these areas, millions of people face the dangers from cuts, fungus, contaminated soil and insect bites that lead to infection, disease and other life-altering maladies.

“We couldn’t be happier to work with Soles4Souls in the distribution of our product to those in need,” said MALVADOS founder, Jennifer Rainnie. “We believe deeply in being part of building up our global community, and knowing that our product will be going to help individuals build a better life for themselves, is part of our social mission.”

Soles4Souls receives shoe and clothing donations from corporate partners like MALVADOS, as well as works with non-profit partners all over the world to find communities of people who need the shoes and clothes most. The organization relies on these non-profit partners, including homeless shelters, after-school programs, international disaster relief organizations to help reach people living in poverty, or in the aftermath of natural disasters. These organizations are an essential link in the distribution chain, as they assure the donations are delivered directly into the hands of community members who are truly in need.

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