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Ostrichpillow introduces its latest innovation: a detachable hood for instant privacy and peace in the workplace.


Ask anyone in the professional workforce if they feel like they get enough sleep each night. The answer is almost always no. We are chronically unrested; whether by choice, preferring to devote that treasured time for sleep to other things, or involuntarily, afflicted with insomnia and the like. Though we all have our mid-day methods to restore energy and keep us alert—be it a cup of coffee or a kick break to stretch your legs—the true remedy is simple: Rest. While this may be the key, one can’t simply lay their head on their desk for a quick snooze in the middle of the office. Or at least they wouldn’t want to—that is, until Ostrichpillow came along.

Ostrichpillow’s mission is to deliver products that allow one to rest—anywhere, anytime. Starting with the original Ostrichpillow in 2012, the company has quickly moved through different products of varying shapes and sizes that provide one with an on-the-go space to get some shuteye.

Its latest product, Ostrichpillow Hood, moves beyond this a bit. The weighted hood serves as a sort of “personal space” for those looking for some privacy that often eludes modern workplaces. Confined to the combounds of one’s own mind, hood-wearers are free from distraction and able to recalibrate more efficiently. The ultimate retreat from stressors of daily life, the hood is redefining wellness in the workplace—we sat down with xx from Ostrichpillow to discuss how the company has evolved, from the original to their latest innovation.

What’s Ostrichpillow’s origin story?

Following years of professional experience and extensive analysis of human behaviour, we arrived at a simple, universal truth: the world needs more sleep.

In today’s working environment, lack of sleep has become almost chronic, and it has serious consequences on our physical and emotional wellbeing. We knew there had to be a healthier and more effective solution than excess caffeine consumption. Our motivation was to uncover this solution by designing a product that profoundly improved people’s personal and professional lives on a global scale. The outcome was the creation of our revolutionary feel-good brand, Ostrichpillow, created to help people rest whenever and wherever they please.

At Ostrichpillow, we believe life is for enjoying. Whether you’re always on the go, need a quick nap or simply looking to enjoy some inner reflection, we design fun and functional products that make life’s small moments even better. Made by dreamers, for dreamers, we offer creative solutions for the everyday.

When did you identify the need for a device that would allow people to rest anywhere, anytime?

Back in 2012 we set out to give people the power to enjoy moments of rest when they wanted, where they wanted. Since then we’ve continued to design unique solutions that are as stylish and fun as they are practical.

What spurred the idea to extend the line with the hood product?

We are continuously observing how people look for comfort spaces. With the hood, we wanted to create the experience of having and controlling a “space” of your own, just like we did with the Ostrichpillow Original.

We wanted it to be usable at any time and any place, which is why it’s so combinable and its design is sleek and easy to wear. But because we’re also interested in how people and products can adapt during moments of distraction, we still wanted to create something that would transmit to other people, if the user was focused and needed space to themselves.

I think the hood appeals to a different group of people than the original Ostrichpillow might. Was this product intended for those who would prefer a more minimalist means of “escape” or way to decompress?

Well-being is so personal, and each person has different preferences for how and when they relax and reconnect. Since our goal is always to create inventive wellness products, we want to offer a range of solutions so that anyone can enjoy a comfort boost, whether in their day to day life or during their travels. With the hood, we wanted to create a more minimalist product that people could easily integrate into their wardrobe. We think its size and the fact that it can be worn down also makes it especially appealing for people who are on the go.

This is a great way to promote wellness, particularly in the workplace. What sort of feedback have you received from customers? How have customers said this product helps them on a day-to-day?

The use of open workspaces and coworking spaces has been growing in the last few years. During the months before the launch of the hood we gifted some samples to get feedback from potential clients and it was really positive.

The most common feedback shared with us was, “I can use it to signal to my coworkers that I need a moment to focus and enjoy some privacy.”

We’ve also got a lot of enthusiastic support from people who just love the comfort of hoodies who are happy they can now enjoy that experience with any outfit.

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