Depop to Host First Major North American Retail Event in NYC

This weekend (June 8-9), global creative marketplace Depop’s online creators will convene in New York for Depop LIVE, a free and open to the public retail experience where stylists, sellers, creatives and shoppers can see, shop and engage with Depop’s vibrant collections, curation and community. Depop LIVE is the platform’s largest scale event of this kind, and the first ever in North America.

For Depop LIVE, the London based app will host leaders from their 13-million strong community for a weekend of offline engagement. In addition to a singular immersive shopping experience, the unique concept space will host talks, workshops and performances that focus on exploring the cultural and creative reaches of fashion through technology, sustainability, entrepreneurship and community. Depop LIVE is an opportunity for attendees to listen, discover, make and learn directly from leaders in the Depop community, including Heron Preston, Iris Alonzo, Chella Man, James Veloria, Slumpy Kev, Telfar Clemens, Vaquera, Harley Devilleand more.

Depop CEO Maria Raga will moderate talks that speak to Depop’s role as an incubator for Gen Z’s emerging creators and entrepreneurs. For Depop LIVE, young makers like photographer Tyler Mitchell, Leo Mandellaand Bella McFadden will appear in conversation to illuminate their experiences and advise attendees on “How To Build An Empire From Your Bedroom.”

Additional panels will aim to shed light on practices around pre-owned fashion in a bid to encourage consumers to cut their carbon footprint and change the way they shop. Depop showcases the covetability of vintage, upcycled and resold garments, creating space for a generation that values creativity over consumption.

Depop LIVE is an opportunity to empower young people to engage in conversation around the evolution of fashion, as well as showcase inspiring retail and style molding the future of fashion culture and identity expression. Depop LIVE is a living, breathing version of our world.

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