Group JS International Launches Flor et. Al, an Advanced Contemporary Eveningwear Collection

Group JS International has announced the launch of its latest brand, flor et. al, an advanced contemporary eveningwear collection created in New York City by a team of international designers who find inspiration in their personal backgrounds and cultures.

The collection’s name, derived from the words “Flor,” Spanish for flower and “et al,” the abbreviation of the Latin word et alia, which means “and others” is an acknowledgment that beauty is the consequence to all that flourishes around us. Based on this foundation, flor et. al seeks to give women an unconventional, feminine, fun alternative to traditional eveningwear.

Turning to London in the 1970s for inspiration, the debut Pre Fall 2019 collection incorporates softer drapes and fluid silhouettes made up in one of a kind hand painted floral prints mixing wildflowers and traditional English florals that you would have found in the local gardens of that era. The pansy, derived from the French word “pensée” meaning “thought,” was the featured flower in the collection and was made up in soft lilacs and rich greens and was shown throughout the collection in deep pleated jumpsuits, soft gowns and hand beaded slip dresses, paying homage to the fashion of the times. The designers also looked forward to the 1980s for the more structured bustiers and voluminous skirts made up in rich magenta, deep peacock and olive green. The customer is encouraged to mix these pieces to create an unexpected take on her eveningwear look.

Motivated by a global perception of beauty, flor et. al collaborates with artisans around the world to find the vintage hand painted artwork for their prints and as well as working with small artisans in India to create the hand-beaded floral designs to pair back to the collection. flor et. al has partnered with NEST, a non-profit that connects artisans and designers all over the globe.

Retail prices start at $295 for tops and go up to $995 for gowns. The flor collection is now available in size 0-16 at high-end retailers and specialty stores in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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