The New School’s Parsons School of Fashion Partner in A Contest at 2019 World Leather Congress in NYC

The World Leather Congress is coming to New York City, scheduled on July 16, under the title “Leather in Everyday Life.” Following the new economic models and the different consumers’ attitudes toward the fashion system, the leather industry has recently been experiencing a technological and digital transformation. As the growing emphasis is on the power of the consumer, it is necessary to look at leather and leather products from the viewpoint of the consumers and their interests- ethical, sustainable and consumer-friendly products. Leather products are essential to many people’s lifestyles; “Leather in Everyday Life” provided the innovative prompt for this group of creative students.

For this year’s edition, the Leather Creations Exhibit and Contest has partnered with Parsons School of Fashion, to create designs to be featured at the 2019 World Leather Congress in New York. Ten BFA Fashion Graduate and Junior level students who have completed: Fashion Product Thesis courses and Fashion Product Design Studio 4 as well as Specialized Studio 2 courses 2019, will present projects they created with leather donated by Lineapelle (the International leather trade show that will take place on July 17 and 18 in New York). Throughout the event international speakers will also stress why leather, as a bespoke material, touches people’s daily lives in their homes, cars, clothing, sports and accessories. The student’s designs will showcase how leather can be used multifariously in everyday life.

At the end of the congress, a prize will be awarded to the project which has received the highest number of votes, based on a public vote in New York City from the audience attending the Congress and an online forum. In this highly prized opportunity, the winner of the design contest will receive: Travel and food expenses paid for to Milano, accommodation for three nights during the LINEAPELLE Milan Exhibition, a guided tour of the fair (Trend Area, Innovation Square, Circular Economy Area, Pavilions), and free entrance to Fashion Conferences, where they will meet with industry leaders and artisans – experiencing a truly native approach and appreciation of the craft. Milano is a key fashion city where all the top Italian fashion brands are based and also showcase their collections. LINEAPELLE is one of the most highly regarded fashion trade fairs in the world and is the most important leather fair in Italy for leather goods. Any fashion student who has the opportunity to enhance their studies through exposure to LINEAPELLE will garner new fashion expertise in both the trade and consumer areas. Visit the LINEAPELLE website for more information.

The New School’s Parsons School of Fashion enables students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing society. Students studying BFA Fashion at Parsons collaborate with peers throughout The New School, industry partners, and communities around the world and in New York City, a global center of art, design, and business.

The World Leather Congress is already highly subscribed. The New School’s Parsons School of Fashion contest perfectly defines this year’s theme “Leather in Everyday Life” as students’ projects will showcase how leather designs can be/are used in everyday life; in shoes, bags, accessories and more.

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