Natural wellness and beauty maven Susan Goss launches Papillon Pur

Photo Courtesy of Papillon Pur

Holistic nutritionist Susan Goss has announced the launch of Papillion Pur, an innovative direct selling company offering a variety of high-quality healthy living and beauty products. The company also provides opportunities for individuals to start home-based businesses by selling Papillon’s products directly to the consumer.

“Many of us often neglect ourselves because we are overwhelmed with balancing work, family, and lifestyle activities,” said Goss. “It is important to take the time to value who we are, treat our body respectfully, and appreciate all that it does. Our products have been developed with this exact mindset. Achieving optimal balance personally, and professionally is about making daily choices.”

Papillion Pur’s signature products include the following:

  • Pur Balance, a daily dietary supplement containing organic fruits and vegetables,
  • Pur Essential, a pH balanced skincare line comprised of a rejuvenating serum, a solution that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and a nourishing anti-aging creme,
  • Pur Silk, 100% Mulberry silk hypoallergenic pillowcases,
  • Pur Beaute, nature-infused cosmetics scientifically designed to protect, correct, and nurture your skin,
  • Pur Pallets, organizers for your foundations, blushes, and eyeshadows.

Papillon Pur also invites individuals to become Purologists who can earn money at home by helping others lead a more balanced life.

“You can be your own boss while earning substantial commissions and bonuses,” Goss. “We provide solid direction, personalized training and incredible inspiration so you will feel confident and ready to earn, no matter what your background. Papillon Pur is an innovative, progressive company that will continue to add cutting edge products to help balance and simplify our lives.”

To learn more about Papillon Pur products, click here.

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