Soma announces new partnership with b8ta

Photo Courtesy of Chico's FAS, Inc.

Chico’s FAS’ intimate apparel brand, Soma, recently announced its partnership with retail concept b8ta and an expanded partnership with QVC. Soma hopes to enable brand innovation in form and fit in order to be available to even more customers.

Starting this month, the SOMAINNOFIT bra will be available for sale through several b8ta store locations, including New York City, Chicago, San Jose and Houston, as well as on SOMAINNOFIT is a fit-measuring bra that helps women find their perfect fit by connecting via Bluetooth to an app and quickly capturing four key body measurements.

Carrie Kelly, SVP of partnerships and business development at b8ta says, “Our partnership with Soma is a great example of how brands benefit from launching innovative products in b8ta stores. We’ve designed our stores to drive product discovery and education while allowing the brand to gather critical insights and customer feedback around the new product. We’re excited to be leaning into categories beyond consumer electronics and increasing our efforts to include more female products in our stores.”

Additionally, Soma’s relationship with multi-platform retailer QVC has performed above expectations, and the brand is announcing additional sales initiatives to further build on this relationship. In particular, the Soma brand will participate in its first-ever Today’s Special Value® on QVC.

“We are excited about our new partnership with b8ta and the opportunity to further build on our record of success with QVC,” says Mary van Praag, president of the Intimate Apparel Group of Chico’s FAS. “b8ta is paving the way as the next generation of retail as a service company, and we are thrilled to add SOMAINNOFIT to their innovative product offerings. We expect this will help us drive new customer acquisition, sales, brand awareness and consideration. Our partnerships further Soma’s commitment to break new ground with innovation for women and help them find their perfect bra fit.”

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