Ask the Expert: The Baker Twins

Photo by Sébastien Noël

For those of us who are still skeptical of the influencer movement, Shannon and Shauna Baker — affectionately known as the Baker Twins — prove that there’s more to being an influencer than just posting brand deals and Coachella selfies. These Carrier Déné First Nations women are working models, actresses and fitness enthusiasts. But their social media presence — they have over one million followers on Instagram alone — also highlights their dedication to the coalition to stop violence against Native Women, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW), among various other cultural and social rights causes. The Much content creators also have a YouTube channel where they do make up tutorials and product unboxing reviews. We sat down with this dynamic duo to learn more about growing in Canada, life in Los Angeles and, of course, fall fashion trends.

FM: First things first, who’s older?
Shannon Baker: I am older… And wiser.
Shauna Baker: She’s one minute older than me.

When did you first get into fashion and modeling?
SB: When we were kids! We use to draw different designs of models in our coloring books and practice runway modeling with our aunties clothing in my Gramma’s basement.
SB: We started to take modeling seriously when Tyra Banks brought us on her TV show to represent Native American celebrities. It was the very first time that anyone called us celebrities and, for some, reason people believed her. “The Tyra Show” was a huge stepping stone for our modeling career.

Outside of fashion, what are your interests?
SB: Acting has always been my primary interest. Before I took social media seriously, I used to be a bartender and I waas also trying to balance acting. I eventually quit and was lucky enough to have a large online following. I’m a strong believer that being too comfortable with your life is not the recipe for success. You always need to be hungry professionally for you go accomplish your goals.
SB: Creating. I’ve been writing scripts lately and plan on shooting my first film this summer. I also enjoy photography. Half the photos you see on our Instagram pages are photos we took of each other.

Do you find yourselves having similar or different tastes from one another?
SB: We may be identical twins, but we have completely different styles, even though we mostly work with the same brands. I never worry about Shannon picking the same clothes as me.

How would you describe your personal style?
SB: For me, being comfy isn’t wearing jeans and a T-shirt; my ideal is a 100% polyester playsuit or a mini dress with platforms or boots.
SB: I don’t have a personal style; it’s consistently evolving. That’s what makes fashion so fun; that it can change. Currently, I’ve been loving gambler hats, cowboy boots and leather jackets — without actually looking like a cowboy.

What trends are you excited about for fall 2019?
SB: I love that suits are trendy this fall. I’m super excited that color blocking is making a come back. I also love the idea that tiny bags are in season and am curious to see how people will incorporate that into their style. But I’m most excited about the ’90s goth-looking boots making a comeback.

What fall item can you not live without?
SB: Cowboy boots! You don’t have to be from the South to appreciate them and that they look great with all your favorite fall styes: maxi dresses, mini dresses, trench coats and turtle neck sweaters.

Who do you each draw style inspiration from?
SB: Honestly, all the girls I follow on Instagram inspire me. I love opening my Insta feed and seeing what looks cute. There’s a reason why I mostly follow women on Instagram and not men.

Do you have any fall fashion tips?
SB: Tights, boots, maxi dresses and always wear layers.
SB: There are so many trends making a comeback from the past, have fun!

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