Education is Quay

Photo courtesy of Quay

Quay Australia, a leading global eyewear company, announces its next major campaign with model, activist, businesswoman, and viral social media personality, Chrissy Teigen. Introducing QUAY X CHRISSY, a full range of blue light glasses and sunglasses, now available online.

Quay tapped Chrissy Teigen to be the face of the brand’s global “Education is Quay” campaign. The campaign settles the debate on how to pronounce the brand’s name — it’s pronounced key —and heroes Quay’s blue light filtering glasses. The glasses feature lenses with Blue Light Technology to help block harmful light from digital screens that may cause symptoms like headaches, blurry vision, and loss of sleep, and the prescription-ready frames can be taken to an optometrist to be filled.

“We reached out to Chrissy because she’s a role model for authentic self-expression, with a huge range of dynamic roles — mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, comedienne, entertainer — who pays it forward to empower millions of others across the globe,” Quay CEO Jodi Bricker said. “When we’re looking at partners, it’s important to us that we’re aligning with people who share the passion and sense of confidence that’s so integral to our identity — and Chrissy has mastered that art over the years. We’re a brand with a large online presence, and it’s our responsibility to foster an open environment of self-expression for our community — online and out in the world.”

As part of the multi-deal partnership, the brand released a new collection — comprised of Quay’s best-selling frames in all-new, muted retro tones. Fronted by Teigen, the product assortment features everything from chic sunnies to blue light glasses – the new study and professional essential – in iconic, fan-favorite shapes, priced affordably at AUD $60-70 per pair.

“I’ve come across Quay a number of times over the years through friends, so when the opportunity to partner came up, it felt right. I love that they offer something so special that’s accessible to everyone — the product is beautiful, and the price point is inclusive,” said Teigen. “The blue light collection was such a natural alignment since I’m clearly spending a lot of time looking at screens.”

As a part of the “Education is Quay’” campaign, Quay Australia is giving back to its community with a USD $100,000 donation this Spring. The company will grant 10 winners a USD $10,000 scholarship to use towards their university education (selected countries). To enter – and to latter back to Quay’s mission of allowing their fans to express themselves through their glasses – students will be asked to share what self-expression means to them.

“The scholarship component of the campaign is what brought it all together for me,” Teigen said. “The opportunity to give back and fund someone’s dream is such a special privilege, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”

Scholarship applications will be accepted beginning August 15 and Teigen will help select the winners, who will each be notified in October.

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