adidas Skateboarding and Nora Vasconcellos Reveal Debut Unisex Collection

Photos courtesy of Adidas Skateboarding

Adidas Skateboarding and Nora Vasconcellos come together to debut the skateboarder’s first unisex apparel and footwear collection. Limited by none and created for all, the six-piece capsule is a reflection of Vasconcellos’ fluid personal style and her love of skateboarding.

“The beauty is that [skateboarding] is accessible to anyone if they are willing to try it,” Vasconcellos revealed when explaining why she chose to co-design a unisex collection. “I love designing boards and graphics, but this is the pinnacle of what I’ve designed product-wise. It is a universal collection breaking the barrier of saying ‘this is for a man’ or ‘this is for a woman.’ I can see guys I skate with like Diego Najera and Miles Silvas going for the darker palette and someone like DeAndre Thebpanya going for some of the other colors – it all compliments each other.”

The Nora Collection is comprised of a set of color-blocked, pastel polos in a short and long sleeve design, complete with custom Nora branding, a cozy lavender chino pant, a soft insulated yellow fleece and a hand-painted, watercolor tee inspired by the rider’s love of florals.

The new unisex capsule features a matching 3MC silhouette arriving in a vibrant color palette. Receiving unique customization details, Vasconcellos’ name sits atop of the 3MC x Nora design while her original artwork is found in the shoe’s insole. Additional elements include a shout out to her hometown of Pembroke, MA along with her birth year stitched into the shoe’s heel tabs.

Apparel sizes will run from XXXS—XXL, and footwear will start at a Women’s 5.5 and Men’s 4 respectively. The Nora Capsule will be available beginning October 17 on the adidas Skateboarding website.

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