DKNY Tech Hits The Streets at Urban Outfitters


Fast forward two decades—the iconic urban brand joins Urban Outfitters to relaunch its ’90s streetwear—the new generation of DKNY Tech, December 2019, exclusively at Urban Outfitters.

Drawn directly from archived designs, for the new age of ultra-mobility, DKNY Tech owns its New York City roots, but also reaches for the power of today. Cycling tops in an evolved nylon. pocketed utility vests. Packable anoraks. All in weightless fabrics and detailed to reflect.

The reflective wrap skirt. The reversible puffer. The big scale pullover. The hooded bodysuit. All in DKNY signature neutrals, but in electric orange. Together, these are the elements that give DKNY Tech the elevated urban look.

The brand DNA is embedded in every piece. The original DKNY Tech logo is back, in bold and with reflective highlighting. The inspiration is a new kind of timeless streetwear to wear everywhere.

Photographed with Bronx natives twin sisters, DJ’s Angel and Dren, harnessed their innate style to bring the collection to life. These two born-and-bred New Yorkers added attitude to the original spirit of DKNY Tech and the results redefine DKNY Tech for a new generation.

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