StyleBox Focuses on Relationships for Launch

Photo courtesy of StyleBox Inc.

StyleBox, a personalized style service that connects online shoppers with professional stylists for smarter buying decisions, has launched in beta for iOS users on Apple App Store and Android users on Google Play.

“Personal style is more than the clothes – it’s an attitude, a point of view and a sense of confidence. We believe everybody can benefit from having a personal stylist,” said Janet Proger, founder and CEO.

The platform’s proprietary algorithm helps shoppers to find and build long-term relationships with stylists who match their fashion sense and needs. The service has thousands of registered users and over a hundred stylists who have uploaded thousands of styles to the platform.

Unlike competitors which invest in AI to fully replace humans or put stylists behind the scene, StyleBox puts the relationship front and center. Instant direct communication between shoppers and stylists, combined with ongoing feedback and advice of stylists, leads to long-term relationships and advanced personalization. Stylists become long-term advisors, helping their clients develop and realize their personal style. In turn, customer-stylist relationships are key to loyalty, enjoyable user experience and the reason to come back and stay.

“With StyleBox, we aim to solve three problems every fashion shopper faces: selecting new items, matching existing clothes and finding a unique personal style,” said Proger. “As a result, we make online shopping easy for fashion-conscious shoppers by matching them with expert stylists who understand their needs and preferences.”

Key benefits for shoppers include:

  • Personal Styling: shoppers are matched to the stylists they most admire and align with their fashion preferences, and those stylists guide them to the best outfits and items.
  • Fashion Education: users are not just getting recommendations or a box of clothes in the mail, they’re learning how to build outfits and coordinate their own style.
  • Time Saver: StyleBox removes the hassle of scrolling through endless pages of e-commerce websites, suggesting full outfits and developing wardrobes with a swipe.

Key benefits for stylists include:

  • Exposure: building and growing a community of loyal followers and customers.
  • Portfolio: stylists can create and manage their own portfolio of outfits using tools such as real-time search and inventory system, product categorization, etc.
  • Revenue: StyleBox is a vibrant online marketplace that helps stylists to monetize their unique outfits and get paid for their services.

The U.S. e-commerce fashion market is valued at $110B and continues growing, driven by the preference to save time and get outfits delivered to the front door. With a platform built on top of Amazon and other e-commerce sites, StyleBox makes it for clients to browse and shop easy across the web and provides ongoing communication with professional stylists. The service analyzes the behavioral patterns of customers and provides a personalized feed of complete outfits customized by stylists. Like in any friendship or relationship, StyleBox grows with the customer.

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