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A Q&A with Stephanie Fleming, co-founder of The Happy Planner

With many people searching for consistency and optimism in a world complicated by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, The Happy Planner is eager to share its ethos. Stephanie Fleming, co-founder of The Happy Planner, explained how the Southern California-based company is using its expertise in spreading joy to reach out to consumers in this challenging time.

What makes your planners and other products “happy?”

It was really important to us to include positive affirmations and messaging in our products. We can all use more positivity in our lives, and cute things like stickers and quotes in your planners can help. Those may seem like little things, but they make a big difference!

What do you do to stay organized?

As a creative person, organization does not come easily to me. I am easily distracted, and I passionately follow my newest ideas, not paying attention to the chaos and mess that may create. That’s part of the magic of creativity. But you can’t run a business or a household that way and expect to find success. So, I developed skills and routines that allow me to stay in the flow of creativity and remain organized and productive. The practice of writing things down in one place helps me prioritize and get things done.

What have you been doing at home since stay-at-home orders were issued?

I’ve been giving myself a lot of grace as I deal with all the emotions and changes in our world. There’s a lot of pressure to become extra productive during this time, but that’s not what everyone needs. I have learned to listen to what I need and then plan my day accordingly. If I am missing my family, I might schedule a fun Zoom call to so I can see their faces. Finding things to be grateful for in every day is another powerful way to overcome fear and anxiety.

How is your company dealing with the coronavirus pandemic so far?

Our team implemented the work-from-home initiative both quickly and efficiently. That has allowed us to keep our business flowing as much as we possibly can. However, no one is immune from the economic blows of this pandemic, and we are having to respond to the changes on a day-to-day basis.

What kinds of things are you doing for customers?

We are utilizing Instagram Live to inspire, educate and connect, as well as providing free tools to help them stay organized and creative.

How has your social media presence evolved in response to COVID-19?

We’ve always been really engaged on our social media platforms, but lately, we’ve made it a point to be very present. As a brand that believes in and promotes positivity, it is our responsibility to be there for our community, spreading optimism when the world needs it the most.

Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?

In addition to our product line, I have a weekly podcast, called “Plan a Happy Life,” that promotes positivity. Every week, my co-host/daughter Kayla and I tackle one approachable way you can bring a little more happiness into your relationships, career, home and everyday life.

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