Dreaming of Sun Days, Helen Owen Launches a Swimwear Line

Photo Credit: Helen Owen

The splendor of travel has made a full return and Summer Solstice was the marker for longer days to glory in the sun. Perhaps a magical escape to soft sand beaches in Hawaii, crystal waters in the Caribbean, or strolling the coast of Italy coupled with your favorite swimsuits are in the cards this summer. The options are endless when shopping for alluring swimsuits and could be the perfect way to bring sunshine into your life.

 Swimwear designer and confidence catalyst Cat Oshman’s quest for beach and poolside excellence led her to Helen Owen, a digital content creator, designer and fashion powerhouse who travels all over the globe to jaw-dropping destinations and a lifestyle we can all dream about.

 With her iconic beauty and girl-next-door image, she is the go-to girl for everything fashion, fitness, and travel. She is relatable, honest, and engaging, capturing the attention of consumers and brands. Helen’s content is shot in some of the most exotic locations, making her profile top on every millennial’s list. Together with her boyfriend, Zack Kalter, famously known for his appearances in The Bachelorette and The Bachelor in Paradise, they have become content experts for travel advice, fashion, lifestyle, and photography. As they have expanded their audience, they have collaborated with some of the most recognizable companies in the world. As a result of Helen’s strong community, she has launched successful partnerships with brands such as Bloomingdale’s private label AQUA, PilyQ + Revolve, Sonya Dakar, and her most recent collection with the dinnerware line, Fable. Helen has also partnered with FEAT on a custom tie-dye sweat set, which embodied her favorite design, and colors and engaged her audience throughout the process.

 In 2021 Helen launched her own clothing company called HEROWN, a play on her full name and celebration of finally owning her brand and will be dropping her second swim collection in the summer of 2022. If daring, hi-cut silhouettes are on your wish list HEROWN has chic designs perfect for every photo op and attention-grabbing moment.

 “For HEROWN 2.0 I wanted to lean into fun, expressive prints while keeping the classic HEROWN styles from the first collection that the community loved. We made a few tweaks to improve the designs on a few of the favorites from the first collection, we added an entirely new style, and then we had a LOT of fun with print designs,” said Helen Owen. “When we were designing prints, we found a fun way to give a nod to some of the iconic prints from the first drop in a unique patchwork pattern. The pattern encompasses prints from both the first collection and the current one, which is a beautiful way to tie everything together. I love that this collection is amplified with exciting prints on silhouettes that are simple and classic.”

 You can find Owen on Instagram @helenowen and @itsherown. Swimwear is sold exclusively on www.thmbl.com.