First Online Global Social Real Estate Investment Network Launches in U.S. with Local Partners

While real estate crowdfunding has gained popularity in the U.S., it lacks major innovations to be confidently embraced. Enter iintoo, a global real estate investment network that is bringing a new, verified channel for online property investment to the U.S.

Launched in the U.S. in May, the Tel Aviv-based company opened the door for 13 million accredited U.S. investors to access real estate projects with a higher level of oversight and legitimacy than previously offered.

Accredited investors in the United States will now have access to high-quality real estate opportunities through iintoo, which aims to rid the barriers between people and investments once exclusive to professional funders and ultra-high-net worth individuals. Starting at $25,000, iintoo will offer ownership shares in high-yield real estate projects, on which it has conducted a rigorous due-diligence and approval process. Projects made available by the global company typically offer double-digit, annual returns and last for two to three years with no ongoing management fee.

iintoo is considered a Real Estate Investment Management Company (REIMCO™), and as a REIMCO™, it underwrites all investment opportunities by personally verifying a project’s developer, building permits, construction plans and revenue forecasts. iintoo additionally offers complete project oversight throughout the life of an investment, which includes site visits, progress reports and the handling of quarterly returns.

Unlike a crowdfunding platform, iintoo works directly with project developers to create pre-approved business plans that ensure maximum potential returns. iintoo’s team of industry experts, who have 100 years of collective real estate experience, actively manage, monitor and report on each investment. iintoo’s senior managers also negotiate on investors’ behalf to protect their interests in every project. The company has already seen its model thrive: within a year of its launch in Israel, iintoo accumulated a total asset value of $250 million

iintoo partnered with local real estate and securities professionals in the United States in order to offer the most comprehensive and efficient solution to U.S. investors. The company has secured strategic partnerships with the Dalmore Group, a registered broker dealer and a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and The Luxor Financial Group headed by Ken Norensberg, a former Member of the FINRA Board of Governors.

iintoo has established ongoing working relationships with several U.S. firms including Meridian Capital Group, which acts as the preferred mortgage advisor to iintoo as it considers financing options on its transactions.

“With access to private deal flow and unique investment mechanisms, iintoo is able to offer real estate opportunities in the small-to-medium asset class, which accredited investors would not be able to access otherwise,” said Eran Roth, Founder and CEO of iintoo. “iintoo is a hands-on partner that is motivated to support investors’ interests from start to finish. Our vision is to deliver the world’s most robust online investment program by bringing transparency and higher levels of risk assurance to both consumers and developers. We have been incredibly successful the past two years in Israel and expect to see similar results in the U.S.”

The head of iintoo’s U.S. operations, Jeff Holzmann, brings more than 20 years of high-tech and venture capital management experience to the company. Holzmann understands how to bring transparency and clarity to financial technology users, mitigate risk for investors and negotiate deals to increase an investment’s value.

“Iintoo will change the way people in the U.S. invest their money; this type of investment model is more useful than ever, taking advantage of low interest rates and volatile markets. Until now, 13 million accredited investors in the country only had access to a fraction of the real estate opportunities on the market,” said Holzmann. “As the first REIMCO™, iintoo has created a marketplace that allows investors to not only curate a portfolio that meets their goals, but it also encourages them to network with other like-minded investors. We are giving people the tools they need to get involved with real estate investment trends and diversify their portfolios with premium projects—there are very few conservative investment alternatives that offer similar high-yield projections for investors.”

iintoo offers investment opportunities in a variety of market segments including, ground-up development, student housing, senior living, hospitality, office buildings and mixed-use developments. Projects span the United States in cities that include New York, Denver, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Diego, Tulsa, Okla., Wichita Falls, Texas, Savannah, Ga., Veron, Conn., Warrensburg, Mo. and Terre Haute, Ind. Investors can also access opportunities through iintoo’s social investment network, which allows them to choose projects a la carte and interact with each other, trading tips and industry knowledge.

To learn more about iintoo and browse investment opportunities, visit and register an account for free at www.iintoo.com.


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