Commercial Industry Leader SVN International Corporation Joins imbrex

imbrex, the first decentralized real estate marketplace syndicating worldwide via the Ethereum blockchain, has welcomed SVN International Corporation to its leading global network. This transformative collaboration exemplifies SVN’s commitment to advancing the commercial real estate industry for all stakeholders through collaboration and adoption of new technologies.

Built on blockchain technology and peer-to-peer distribution protocol, imbrex is an open source platform that provides connectivity between otherwise disparate systems while ensuring transparency, control, and security between stakeholders. In addition, the system introduces a new level of accuracy and efficiency through its ability to identify data duplication and either resolve the conflicts programmatically or quarantine them for additional review.

“SVN and imbrex are aligned in the belief that the shift from siloed data to secure and complete connectivity will positively impact the real estate industry,” said Stephen King, founder and president of imbrex. “We are honored to be working and learning with SVN’s forward-thinking executive team.”

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