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AI Maintenance System Majorly Saves Renters & Property Managers

When it comes to managing a rental property, maintenance and repairs can be a serious source of stress for renters, owners, and property managers alike. Every minute between the time an issue is reported and repaired can be costly, in terms of physical damage to the unit and disruption and inconvenience for the renter. Worse yet, a poor maintenance experience could send a dissatisfied tenant looking for a new landlord who will respond more quickly and efficiently to their concerns.

UpTop, the complete digital property management system, is solving this problem by using AI to eliminate the wait times, miscommunication, and uncertainty surrounding repair and maintenance requests. When a request is filed, UpTop’s AI detects the tenant’s phone number and transcribes the issue into a work order which is then sent directly to the appropriate party who can solve that specific problem. For example, if a work order reporting a plumbing issue is created, it can be transferred automatically to a plumber instead of the property owner or manager needing to coordinate the repair.

For example, when Tony Freed, a tenant in a building that uses UpTop to manage their properties, saw that water was flowing down the internal wall of his apartment, he immediately called the prescribed maintenance number. This informed the UpTop system of which unit he lived in, and a work order was sent directly to the smartphone of the on-site manager who arrived within the hour to fix the situation. This instance saved Maria, the property owner, from incurring a potentially large amount of water damage due to a burst pipe and ensured that the tenant had little disruption. Maria was happy that she could track all the maintenance tickets throughout the process, so she could better understand how long it takes to fix issues in her units. Maria believes it is critical to keep her tenants happy and provide fast customer service so that her tenants renew their leases, which saves Maria the time and expense of attracting new tenants and managing renter changeovers.

This AI-powered maintenance feature can be enabled as soon as an owner, landlord, or property manager signs up and onboards their units to the UpTop platform. The feature also allows renters to report issues directly without an endless string of calls, texts, or emails, enabling owners and property managers to provide optimal customer service to their tenants while staying informed about the status of all work orders in real time.

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