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HomeLight’s First $1M Agent Underscores Success of Platform With Home Buyers and Sellers Across the Nation

Jilie Wyss

To date, HomeLight has listed over $10 billion in home sales and matched hundreds of thousands of real estate clients with top agents

HomeLight is pleased to announce that Julie Wyss of San Jose, California, is the first real estate agent to close over $1 million in commissions exclusively from HomeLight referrals. Her success underscores the substantial growth of HomeLight’s real estate agent matching platform, which every day connects home buyers and sellers with top real estate agents in their area based on their historical transactions.

Across the country, the platform has proven to be a sizable source of business for top real estate agents. These agents consistently outperform their peers and deliver optimal results for their clients in markets large and small, urban and rural.

“In real estate, there are so many systems out there for consumers and real estate agents, and I’ve literally tried them all,” said Jeff Galindo, a top performing Las Vegas agent who has closed over 100 transactions with HomeLight clients. “I have to say, out of all of them, HomeLight has been by far the most professional and thorough, and by all means the best system that puts consumers and Realtors together. The thing that really stands out about HomeLight is that it’s all about performance.”

HomeLight’s proprietary algorithm works to analyze millions of real estate transactions nationwide to determine which agents bring in the most money for their clients, which agents sell homes the fastest, and which agents have the most relevant experience for a particular client’s needs.

“HomeLight’s platform is such a well-thought-out plan that’s going to continue to grow and take off,” said Wyss. “It’s absolutely fantastic, and I’m so pleased that I joined on the early end. The great thing is that consumers really trust it.”

Wyss first partnered with HomeLight in late 2016 and seized the opportunity to earn referrals based on her performance. In 2018, she sold upwards of 100 homes total, with HomeLight referrals accounting for approximately one-third of her business.

Julie and other agents are benefiting from HomeLight’s own growth. To date, HomeLight has listed over $10 billion in home sales and has connected hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers with top agents.

“Julie’s million-dollar milestone is a remarkable achievement representative of HomeLight’s deep relationships with the top agents in the business,” said Chris Crocker, Vice President at HomeLight. “As more consumers trust HomeLight for our objective recommendations, the agents that participate in our Preferred Agent program are also becoming increasingly successful. It’s truly a win-win partnership.”

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