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Mynd Property Management Raises Over $7K for Habitat for Humanity

Photo courtesy of Mynd

Mynd Property Management, a modern property management company powered by on-the-ground experts and innovative technology, has raised $1,055 for the East Bay Division of Habitat for Humanity and donated another $6,000 to the organization. The fundraising efforts were organized by the Alameda-Contra Costa County Division of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

In August, Mynd volunteered to build three playhouses for school-aged children who would use them in hospitals, parks and/or playgrounds across the East Bay. A total of 25 Mynd employees spent an entire day building the playhouses that will be donated locally.

Mynd’s Habitat for Humanity Day aligns with its core value as a company: “Always be Myndful.” The five tenets of this core value are:

  1. Mynd’s higher purpose–to create happy homes and healthy investments–should always guide employees
  2. Empathize
  3. Promote and embrace diversity
  4. Be good to oneself
  5. Make the world a better place

“As a property management company, Mynd provides housing to thousands of residents in the Bay Area,” explains Vincent Deorio, director of M&A for Mynd Property Management, and president-elect of the Alameda-Contra Costa County Division of NARPM. “Since our residents contribute significantly to their local communities, we believe helping Habitat for Humanity is a great way to fulfill our core value as a company, and give back to those we serve: our residents, owners and their communities.”

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