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Planned Companies Unveils Workforce Communication System

Graphic courtesy of Planned Companies.

Planned Companies, a real estate service provider, is unveiling its fully-integrated communications platform, Employee Nexus at CRE Tech New York, which will be available for companies with a significant portion of their employees who are regularly in the field. The technology service aims to deliver a solution for easy, measurable, two-way communication between an employer and its employees.

Designed specifically for businesses with large dispersed workforces, Employee Nexus will provide timely and effective communication amongst a workforce.

“With more than 120 years of experience, Planned Companies has observed the evolution of communication, from phone to email to mobile phones,” explained Phillip Edwards, director of Business Development for Employee Nexus. “Employees rely more and more on their mobile devices, which is why we wanted to create and deliver a platform for our current and future clients that is immediate, familiar and economical.”

Employee Nexus is an enterprise wide, artificial intelligence-driven communication system designed for a vastly spread workforce to deliver and respond to requests via the SMS messaging protocol found on all smartphone and non-smartphone devices. Its ability to reach individuals, groups and organizations in near real-time is a reliable and quick way to share information and increase awareness.

“We elected to utilize SMS as the platform for global communications because of its familiarity to all mobile phone users. There is no need to download and/or maintain a native app, and 25% of the United States mobile phone market is still non-smartphone devices,” stated Peter Theodoropoulos, chief innovation officer of Employee Nexus. “By utilizing a technology that’s user friendly and does not require a data plan, we found a reliable solution that saves time and strengthens the connection across an organization.”

Providing benefits for both employers and their dispersed staff, users can quickly disseminate any information or updates, including human resources news, job openings, employee handbooks, weather updates and closures, etc. Employees can access all of their important HR information day-and-night right from their phone, including pay-stubs, 401k details and their work schedule.

Employee Nexus acts as an extension to a company’s human resources department. Integrating with most Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), it relieves the HR team from fielding day-to-day inquiries that may distract from more significant tasks and verifies employee receipt of all updates and documents such as employee handbooks and company announcements.

“Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those we service,” said Robert Francis, CEO of Planned Companies. “This new offering continues to support our customer service mantra and deepens our commitment to deliver professional and accountable real estate service to our valued clientele.”

With the implementation of this system, the company intends to lead the industry by establishing higher standards for technology, communication and awareness. Employee Nexus is just the first initiative as Planned Companies will roll out a suite of additional hi-tech offerings over the next 24-36 months.