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Sacha Zarba, Vice Chairman of CBRE Group Named MetaProp’s Mentor of the Year

Sacha Zarba

MetaProp is proud to announce that Sacha Zarba, Vice Chairman in the Midtown Manhattan office of CBRE, Inc., the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, was awarded the Mentor of the Year award at MetaProp’s 2020 Demo Day, the end of the accelerator at Columbia University class of 2019/2020.

“Sacha happens to be, by most measures, the top tech broker here in New York City and one of the top in the United States.” – Aaron Block, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of MetaProp.

The RE200 Mentors are a very important part of the MetaProp Accelerator’s Columbia University program. RE200 is MetaProp NYC’s exclusive mentor network of CEOs and CIOs of major real estate corporate players, investors, and recent founders or executives of successful real estate tech startups. Each year, only a select group of MetaProp’s mentors are matched with the CEOs/Founders in the MetaProp Accelerator at Columbia University.

MetaProp’s Accelerator at Columbia University is a 22-week boot camp that connects PropTech startups from around the world to award-winning investors, venture capital and industry mentors and diverse real estate, technology, and institutional partners. 

Sacha Zarba’s experience is unrivaled in working with Manhattan’s leading innovation companies across the technology, financial, advertising, and media industries. Zarba’s expertise is well-known throughout the technology community as he enjoys long-standing relationships with such prestigious firms as LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix, Datadog, PayPal, Etsy, Indeed and eBay. Zarba takes great pride in working with not only well-known brand names, but also with many startup and early-stage companies, providing insight and guidance to properly navigate the many complexities that come with building a company in NYC. Zarba is regularly named to CBRE’s prestigious Colbert Coldwell Circle, the company’s top 100 advisors across the Americas.

Sacha Zarba mentored two impressive founders, Rebecca Lima and Domonique Sims, of The Lieu, a modern and accessible feminine-care solution for women, aiming to bring curated beauty and wellness products to restrooms within offices and workspaces. Through his mentorship, Sacha facilitated introductions, guaranteed consistent responsiveness and communication, worked through their strategy, and instilled confidence in two women who are new to the PropTech space. Zarba consistently went above and beyond.

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