Vestian Creates “Pandemic Protocols” for Offices

To help ensure workplaces are safe and healthy for employees returning to offices as COVID-19 restrictions are eased, commercial real estate services firm Vestian has created “Pandemic Protocols,” an in-depth return-to-work playbook and turnkey program.

“As workplaces prepare to re-open, the need for proper risk mitigation policies and practices is more important than ever,” said Michael Silver, chairman of Vestian. “Additionally, while it is almost certain that most businesses will adopt more flexible and remote work policies, the traditional office environment will continue to exist. But those office environments will certainly experience a shift. Pandemic Protocols, based on strict and specific technical requirements, was developed for employees and employers to have peace of mind when they re-enter their offices.”

Pandemic Protocols was developed around several key initiatives, including space audits, environmental cleaning audits and testing, employee education, change management support and cost tracking and reporting. The program is based on guidelines of the World Health Authority, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Society for Heating and Refrigeration Engineers, as well as state and local regulators. Additionally, Vestian is working closely with global safety science company UL for advisory expertise relating to cleaning protocols, engineering systems reviews and testing services.

“The sudden shift in workplace and environmental dynamics due to COVID-19 will impact short and long-term real estate strategy,” added Francine Niemiec, president of account services for Vestian. “Just as smart buildings took the real estate industry by storm, safe and healthy buildings is the new hot topic. Pandemic Protocols, based on specific technical and scientific safety engineering, is a crucial program needed for employees to take the leap to get back to the office.”







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