Nelson Management Group Launches Digital Solution for More Efficient Property Management and Maintenance

Nelson Management Group, a long-time owner and operator of multi-family residential properties across New York City, has introduced a new mobile app called Travtus to their tenants, managers and workers. Travtus offers a digital solution for the efficient management of more than 9,000 resident maintenance requests across all properties. Travtus targets multi-family owners and operators who are trying to maximize their asset value with the lowest possible headache.

Travtus works through a three-part system, featuring a mobile app for tenants and workers and a dashboard for managers. Tenants can easily place requests through the app, and the management team is able to quickly get them out to workmen in the field.

Even more powerful, Travtus can capture data throughout every step of the process, which allows it to analyze trends and better solve a similar issue in the future. For example, you can diagnose a line issue if a tenant has reported a problem of a similar scope, or identify where a repeat small issue may be hiding a bigger problem. With advanced tools, you can see patterns that can help you determine where to invest to improve the health of your properties and the performance of your staff.

Travtus, to put it simply, is a mobile solution for everyday operations. It captures information about maintenance and repair scopes, labor and material in one place to know the asset better. “We see it is very useful for asset managers to diagnose issues early and prepare reserves budgets,” said Travtus’s Chief Technology Officer Andrew Day. “The efficiency from the system has a direct impact on operating income, and in markets like New York, every dollar saved is an additional 20 dollars in value created.”

The app was born out of Travtus’s own need to manage its workforce for a construction company in Asia. In doing so, it solved a problem faced by all field operators, and has scaled in New York because of it.

Travtus partnered with Nelson Management because they understand how embracing technology can improve a company’s service offerings to tenants, while helping their own property managers get better. “When we started with Nelson we knew this was a team that really cared about their tenants and were looking to build value,” said Day. “Our conversations with them helped create a product that fits this mindset and gives their stellar team the toolsets to be better.”

Based on existing client performance, the app predicts a 400 percent return on investment, due to the valuable time saved optimizing operations. And since implementing the service earlier this year, Nelson Management Group has already processed 3,980 maintenance requests through the Travtus app.

“Since introducing Travtus to our portfolio, we have noticed a tremendous increase in overall efficiency and satisfaction when addressing our residents’ requests,” said Robert S. Nelson, President of Nelson Management Group. “The return on investment makes this a winning endeavor as we continue to optimize our operations and save valuable time and money.”

Nelson Management Group is a full-service real estate management firm specializing in the management of multi-family properties within the five boroughs of New York City. The principals of Nelson Management Group, along with its affiliates, have owned and/or managed more than 7,500 units of rental housing over the last 28 years. The company’s robust portfolio includes 972-unit Lafayette Boynton and 318-unit Promenade apartment complexes in the Bronx, in addition to other notable properties in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

To learn more about Nelson Management Group and Travtus visit nelsonmanagmentgroup.net and travtus.com.

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