Aero-therm Innovative Wall Coatings Of North America

Rendering courtesy of Urbahn Architects

Aero-therm Innovative Wall Coatings of North America is proud to announce that Aero-therm Exterior has been selected by the National Home Builders Association (NHBA) as a finalist in the Best of the IBS (International Builders Show) Awards.

The International Builders Show is perhaps Americas most important builders show covering over 570,000 sq ft and including over 1400 companies showing their products. The awards are highly valued, and the Panel of Judges are made up from the industries most important leaders. To become a finalist the judges have found your product ground breaking or extra ordinary to the building industry.

Aero-Therm Innovative Coatings of North America, President Mr. Stewart Ratzker said Aero-therm’s products have the potential to change the way the design and construction industry see insulating coatings and we are quite proud of the fact that the NHBA Judging panel agree.

Aero-therm was created in Europe to provide an insulating option that did not exist for aging European buildings often 100s of years old that had little or no good insulating options. Using state of the art insulating materials aerogel and Micron sized Glass bubbles filled with gas, Aero-therm has created a group of ground breaking products that include Aero-therm Interior (designed for Northern colder climates) , Aero-therm Exterior (Southern warmer climates), Aero-therm Industrial, Aero-therm Floors (for under floor heating systems Northern climates ), and Aero-therm Mastic a new tile adhesive (northern climate)

European test results have shown great gains in thermal comfort and have shown results as high as 26-36% energy savings with the application of 1mm of Aero-therm on Perimeter surfaces of test houses.

Final decisions for The Best of the IBS awards will be completed at the NHBA show (75th Anniversary) January 9th  2018 in Orlando Florida by the Panel of Judges and we wish all the finalists congratulations on being selected as finalists.

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