BuzzBuzzHome Launches New Button For Paying Initial Deposits Online

Barra on Queens

A Canadian tech company wants to make buying a condominium as easy as pressing a button. And if it’s successful, pricey sales centers might become a thing of the past.

BuzzBuzzHome, an online property marketplace, launched a so-called “Buy Now” button on its website. Prospective buyers can click on it, sign a sales agreement and put down a $3,000 deposit — all online.

The Toronto-based firm is testing the product with a condo development in Kitchener, Ontario, Barra on Queen, but plans to expand it to new development projects across the U.S. and Canada throughout 2018. The idea is that buyers of apartments under construction can look at renderings and sign a sales contract online, skipping the trip to the sales center.

“I don’t see this being immediate, but as this continues to take off, you are no longer going to need to spend $2-5 million dollars building a sales center,” BuzzBuzzHome’s president Matthew Slutsky told Inman News. “You can build smaller centers.”

Within 10 days of putting down the $3,000 initial deposit, buyers will have to write a check for the actual deposit — 5 percent of the apartment’s purchase price.

After Barra on Queen launches with the BuyNow online purchasing option, Slutsky believes further adoption across the industry will accelerate as builders see the efficiencies, convenience, and vastly improved customer experience the platform provides.

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