PropTech Innovator ResMan Unveils Affordable Housing’s Most Advanced Compliance Solution

ResMan® LLC, the fastest-growing provider of property management solutions for the multifamily housing industry, introduced ResMan Affordable in advance of this week’s Texas Apartment Association Education Conference and Lone Star Expo. Now available to the entire multifamily industry, ResMan Affordable allows investors, owners, and operators of conventional multifamily and affordable housing to consolidate into a single, easy-to-use, modern platform that improves operating efficiency and reduces the burdens of complex, layered compliance on property management staff.

“The team that developed ResMan Affordable has a thorough understanding of the demands placed on managers of affordable housing assets across HUD, tax credit, and rural development. For the first time, we can automatically monitor changes in regulations to keep us ahead of the game,” said Lisa Fisher, President of RISE Residential Management. “ResMan Affordable saves RISE time by ensuring a highly-efficient voucher and certificate submission process, and since adding new funding sources and property-by-property compliance monitoring are now much easier to accomplish, our staff loves using ResMan Affordable. We believe compliancerelated challenges are a thing of the past with ResMan’s platform. It is truly a breakthrough technology solution for the affordable housing industry.”

ResMan Affordable is the industry’s most advanced affordable housing management software. It allows compliance professionals to quickly and effectively monitor HUD, tax credit, and rural development compliance in real-time with an analytical dashboard, find special claims in seconds, and build a portfolio’s specific affordable program directly within the platform. Compliance managers can save hundreds of hours per year and receive full funds while enjoying a user-friendly experience.

“Through our experience, it became obvious that those with affordable housing assets were left in the dark by other technology providers. ResMan is deeply committed to giving back time and restoring operational efficiency to the affordable segment of the industry,” said Paul Bridgewater, chief executive officer of ResMan. “We’re thrilled to introduce a technology solution that confidently manages the complexities of the layered compliance process. The industry’s enthusiastic reception to this innovative platform has been exciting.”