New Amenity Gaining Traction with Tenants

While you may already know that fireplaces can easily boost the value of your home, the NYC safety ban does not allow the installation of most traditional fireplaces. However, you can now furnish your home with the new surprise “It” factor that has not been affected by the ban – luxurious and free-standing HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces.

HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplace is the only ventless fireplace approved for use in NYC by the Fire Department and Department of Buildings because of its various safety features.

A NYC real estate agent who has recently placed property in market with a HearthCabinet ventless fireplace was able to list it for a higher price than a property without. The agent told, “clients are intrigued by the gel cartridges that last 2 to 3 hours and generally seem to think it’s a great way to put a fireplace in a city apartment while meeting the building code and still fulfill the realistic feel of a gas fireplace for NYC apartments.”

Each unit incorporates the Locked Safety ScreenTM, which is a mesh screen with lock and key door that prevents accidental contact with the flame, creating a safe environment around children, pets, and guests. Additionally, clean-burning Safety Gel Cartridges ensure that no pouring of or contact with fuel is ever necessary – users simply slip the cartridges into their fitted slots, light the pre-poured alcohol-based gel fluid, and enjoy the crackle and warmth of a real flame. 

Each fireplace is beautiful, fully customizable from the size of the unit to the smallest decorative detail, and they are available in a variety of elegant finishes. You can also customize HearthCabinet to fit the size and décor requirements of any home and commercial or hospitality venue.