Douglas Elliman Honors Top Agents in New York City at The Ellies

Pinnacle Winners | Photography courtesy of BFA

Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the largest brokerage in the New York Metropolitan area and the second-largest independent residential real estate brokerage in the United States by sales volume, celebrated the firm’s world-class agents from around the nation at its annual awards ceremony – The Ellies. Top performers from New York City, including Manhattan and Brooklyn, were among the honorees at this year’s event held at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.

“Every year, our skilled and talented agents prove their status and reputation as best in class, and 2019 was no exception. We are thrilled to celebrate the extraordinary results of their hard work at the 2020 Ellies,” said Howard M. Lorber, executive chairman, Douglas Elliman Realty, LLC. “As always, Elliman remains committed to providing our agents with the best technological and marketing resources to help them excel, and we know that they will continue this unbridled success in 2020 and beyond.”

Nationwide sales for Douglas Elliman in 2019 totaled $28.7 billion as the company continued its nationwide growth into new markets. The firm was responsible for 44,726 sales and rental transactions, and was ranked the number two brokerage in the nation by sales volume.

“Our agents continue to perform at the top of the market in New York City, and have closed out another incredible year due to their dedication and effort,” said Steven James, President and CEO of Douglas Elliman’s New York City brokerage. “We’re thrilled to celebrate their talents and I look forward to seeing the success and tremendous achievements that 2020 will undoubtedly bring as well.”

Earning first place for Top Teams by Gross Commission Income (GCI) in Manhattan was the Alexander Team, led by Oren and Tal Alexander of the 575 Madison Avenue office. Taking home this year’s #1 spot for Top Individuals by GCI was Ann Cutbill Lenane, who is based out of the 1995 Broadway office.

Rounding out the awards for Top Teams by GCI were The Holly Parker Team (#2), The Noble Black Team (#3), The Rubin Team (#4), The Shemesh Team (#5), Lauren Muss (#6), the Sabrina Saltiel Team (#7), The Anderson-Ehrmann Team (#8), The Katzen Team (#9), the Janice Chang Team (#10), The Jacky Teplitzky Team (#11), the Daniela Kunen Team and Tom Postilio & Mickey Conlon (tied #12), The Stanton Hoch Team (#13), the Richard Steinberg Team (#14), the Espinal Adler Team (#15), The Michael Lorber Team (#16), The Andrew Azoulay Team (#17), The Vanderploeg Team (#18), the Doug Bowen/Zia O’Hara Team and The Lindsay Barton Barrett Team (tied #19) and The Julia Jiang and Charles Hawkins Team and The Lense Team (tied #20).

In the number two spot for Top Individuals by GCI was J. Roger Erickson, followed by Emily Sertic (#3), Diane Johnson (#4), Marcos G. Cohen (#5), Stacy Spielman (#6), Shari Scharfer Rollins (#7), Joshua Lieberman (#8), Jennifer Kalish (#9), Jessica Levine (#10), Jason Walker (#11), Neal Sroka (#12), Eleonora Srugo (#13), Maya Kadouri (#14), Michael Kafka (#15), Daniela Sassoun (#16), Kimberly Jay (#17), Ana Lee (#18), AnneMarie Alexander (#19) and Ofer Yair (#20).

The award for Top Team by Transactions was won by tie, going to The Rubin Team and The Shari Markoff Team. The award for Top Individual by Transactions went to Ann Cutbill Lenane.

Additional Top Teams by Transactions were The Stanton Hoch Team (#2), The Shemesh Team (#3), The Holly Parker Team (#4) and the Espinal Adler Team (#5).

The Top 5 Individual Agents by Transactions were rounded out by Jessica Levine (#2), Gregory Cooper (#3), Mary Phelan-Kavanagh and Joshua Lieberman (tied #4) and Diane Johnson (#5).

For Manhattan, the Top Retail and Commercial Award by GCI was given to Peter Gross (#1) followed by The Dana Commercial Team (#2) and The Maglio + Shuster + Zisholtz Commercial Team (#3). The Top Retail and Commercial Award by Units went to The Dana Commercial Team (#1) followed by Peter Gross (#2) and Louis Puopolo (#3).

The Mindreau Team and the Steiner-Hernandez Team were named the firm’s Top Rental Team by Transactions in Manhattan by tie. They were followed by The Rothman Team (#2), the Altschuler Bartolucci Team (#3), The Leibowitz Team (#4) and The Zweben Team (#5).

By tie, Janna Raskopf and Keyan Sanai, both of the 575 Madison Avenue office, were named the firm’s Top Rental Individuals by Transactions in Manhattan. They were followed by Andrea Anzaldo (Weksler) (#2), Afik Akyuz (#3), Daniel Cohen and Teresa Solomon Wuest (tied #4) and Nicole Sobol (#5).

Additional awards included DE Title Services for Manhattan, which went to Nazila Jarrahian and The Outgoing Broker to Broker Referral Award, which, by tie, was shared by Michael Lorber and Richard Steinberg.

The Rubin Team was named the firm’s #1 Top Resale Agent. The Noble Black Team was named the firm’s #1 Top New Development Team, and Emily Sertic was named #1 Top New Development Agent.

A Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Ann Macaluso of Manhattan’s 575 Madison Avenue office for her career-long contributions to the business, and Thomas O’Beirne was named Rookie of the Year for Manhattan.


In Brooklyn, The Scott / Robles Team, led by Aran Scott and Anthony Robles of the 190 Fifth Avenue office, was named Top Team by GCI.  Additional top teams included The Maroni Team (#2), The Mazurek Team (#3), the Altschuler Bartolucci Team (#4) and The Sepulveda Team and The Rebecca Goldberg Team (tied #5).

Rebekah Carver of the 1410 Cortelyou Road office was named Top Individual by GCI in Brooklyn, followed by Bren Salamon (#2), Stephanie O’Brien (#3), James Kerby (#4), and Myrel Glick and Michael Gidaly (tied #5).

The Top Team by Transactions in Brooklyn also went to The Scott / Robles Team. They were followed by The Maroni Team (#2), The Rebecca Goldberg Team (#3), The Christopher Howard Team and Altschuler Bartolucci Team (tied #4) and The Mazurek Team and The Tavivian Team (tied #5).

The number one spot for Top Individuals by Transactions in Brooklyn was awarded to Robert Nicoletti of the 187 7th Avenue office, followed by Stephanie O’Brien (#2), Rebekah Carver (#3), Bren Salamon (#4) and Margaret Calarco (#5).

The Sepulveda Team was named the Top Rental Team by Transactions in Brooklyn. Diana Hermanowski won the same distinction for Brooklyn’s Top Rental Individual by Transactions.

Other Top Rental Teams by Transactions included The Golovko Team (#2), The Mazurek Team (#3), The Scott / Robles Team (#4) and the Minsky | Abrishami Team (#5). Additional Top Rental Individuals by Transactions included Klevi Tomcini (#2), Allan Gerovitz (#3), Toqir Choudri (#4) and Matthew M. Canale (#5).

Liqin (Kaylee) Yang, based out of the 156 Montague Street office, took home Elliman’s Rookie of the Year award for Brooklyn.

The prestigious Pinnacle Club Award winners, presented to New York City agents and teams who made over $1 million in 2019, included the Novo/Herzberg/Babst Team, the Espinal Adler Team, the Agranat-Hashey Team, the Alexander Team, The Anderson-Ehrmann Team, the Anders Austad Team, The Azaria Team, The Andrew Azoulay Team, The Bacodari Team, The Lindsay Barton Barrett Team, the Altschuler Bartolucci Team, The Behringer Team, The Noble Black Team, the Janice Chang Team, Marcos G. Cohen, The Jessica Cohen Team, The Ariel Cohen Team, The Steve Cohen Team, The Dana Commercial Team, Tom Postilio & Mickey Conlon, The Cotter Team, The Didier Team, The Mackay Dixon Team, The Douglas Team, J. Roger Erickson, The Eileen Foy Team, the Goodman Team, Peter Gross, The Hamersley Team, The Emma Hao Team, The Julia Jiang and Charles Hawkins Team, The Ivan Hernandez Team, The Stanton Hoch Team, Diane Johnson, Jennifer Kalish, The Ronita Kalra Team, The Kantrowitz Team, The Katzen Team, The Kotler Team, the Daniela Kunen Team, The Patty LaRocco Team, The Leibowitz Team, Ann Cutbill Lenane, The Lense Team, Jessica Levine, Joshua Lieberman, The Logvinksy Team, The Michael Lorber Team, The Shari Markoff Team, The Maroni Team, The Sonsino McTighe Team, The Chapman Miller Team, The Kathy Murray Team, Lauren Muss, the Rundhaug Neuhauser Team, the Doug Bowen/Zia O’Hara Team, Luis D. Ortiz, The Holly Parker Team, The Peraino Team, The Rosa Pereira Team, The Scott / Robles Team, Shari Scharfer Rollins, The Rosen Team, The Rothman Team, The Rubin Team, the Sabrina Saltiel Team, The Leahy Sassoon Team, Emily Sertic, The Shemesh Team, The Scotto Shepard Team, Stacy Spielman, Neal Sroka, Eleonora Srugo, the Richard Steinberg Team, the Steiner-Hernandez Team, The Tavivian Team, The Jacky Teplitzky Team, The Testa/Thorn Team, Tirosh & Team, The Patricia Vance Team, The Vanderploeg Team, Jason Walker and The Zweben Team.

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