Newswire Launches to Offer Secure Communication Tools to Close Transactions

Veteran real estate agent and asset manager Louis Taylor has launched, a secure platform to sell and buy homes for those with high-risk health issues or other difficulties navigating the traditional real estate process.

Even when business resumes as normal, the communication system will continue to be an efficient tool for busy buyers and sellers who want to speed up the process while maintaining security. It is also especially helpful for those who are moving long distances or relocating internationally as well as for the hearing-impaired community, who often encounter major challenges with clarity and consistency while using traditional communication channels.

“ provides a platform for the deaf community to conduct all communication in writing and easily see every aspect of the real estate transaction as it happens,” Taylor explained. “They never again have to feel limited in who they can hire or how much control they have over the process. Overcoming this language barrier gives them so many more options than before.”

Stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic have created barriers in meeting with real estate agents, signing paperwork and closing transactions without physically seeing someone. With the communication system, users have a tool to negotiate every term of the deal without breaking the six-foot social distance recommendation. The program offers full self-service options for a flat $1,495 fee or expert support for a 2% commission on the final sales price.