ApartmentRatings Introduces the epIQ Index, a Powerful New Multifamily Industry Performance Metric

ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts Research has announced the launch of the epIQ Index, a powerful new single performance metric for the multifamily housing industry. The epIQ Index—short for “Experience & Performance Intelligence Quotient”—is powered by verified data from ApartmentRatings reviews and SatisFacts surveys and is designed to be the most authentic, transparent, and actionable industry metric for renters and multifamily professionals alike.

Whether a renter is looking to make the most informed decision on where to call home, or a property manager is looking to measure their team’s performance, the epIQ Index now provides the most reliable way to determine how well a community (or portfolio of communities) meets the needs and expectations of its current, past, and prospective residents.

“One of our top priorities in designing the epIQ Index is to provide the ability for anyone to dig down into the details so that all of the data points that make up an epIQ Index score are available to both renters and multifamily stakeholders,” said James Watters, Director of Business Operations at ApartmentRatings & SatisFacts. “The unprecedented level of transparency provided by the epIQ Index empowers onsite and corporate multifamily management teams to identify opportunities, create strategic action plans, and develop effective behaviors to improve resident satisfaction and help achieve their organization’s goals.”

Management Companies React

“Digging into the epIQ rating, we were really happy to see that it’s a more well-rounded measurement rather than just the resident, or non-resident, feedback of our communities.”

—Sharisse Myren, Vice President, Paragon Properties

Renters React

“I think [the epIQ Index] is very helpful. I wish all apartments came with a report card – it would make my life easier and it’s just really nice to not have to guess at what you’re going into, having all of these different components rated before you even schedule a tour.”

—Jenny (Renter). Excerpt from Season 1, Episode 8 of ApartmentRatings & SatisFacts’ “Conversations In The Blue Chair” podcast

Where To Find The epIQ Index

An epIQ Index Report Card can be seen publicly on all communities’ pages on the ApartmentRatings website, while detailed reports are available to property managers though the EXCHANGE reporting platform provided by ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts.

Each month, ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts will publish a report listing the epIQ Index Top 250 Communities across the nation. In January and July of each year, they will release an extensive report that provides an in-depth look at insights and emerging trends from their analysis of the communities and management companies on their site.