Bohemia Realty’s Martinez Performs

Bohemia Realty Group agent Kevin Martinez is pursuing his dream of being an actor in New York City, while concurrently performing as one of the firm’s top sales and leasing agents. He’s also a highly regarded training manager at Bohemia, leading a team of agents on track to grow in 2019. 

“Since joining Bohemia four years ago, my life has been immersed in theater and real estate,” Martinez said. “Many of my clients come from performance backgrounds, too, so I have been showing primarily in Harlem and Washington Heights. Both are centers for the arts and New York culture, and still affordable.”

Martinez is preparing for his role as Chief Bromden in a revival of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” An experimental and immersive staging of the play, it previews early 2019. Martinez recently completed “Talented People Doing Things: A Peanuts Variety Show,” which he produced and starred in at Green Room 42, one of the newest and hottest cabaret venues in Times Square.

“Kevin is a prime example of someone who thrives with dual careers that are creative and entrepreneurial,” said Sarah Saltzberg, Bohemia Realty’s cofounding principal. “There are many distinct parallels between agents and performers, as each of these professions require discipline, patience, focus and exceptional communication skills.”

Years prior to coming to New York to study acting, Kevin Martinez’s background took on much different paths, including stints in media relations at Texas Tech University, Indiana University, and the University of Illinois. From there, he went to Washington, D.C., where he served as communications director for two Texas congressmen. In addition, Martinez worked for non-profit advocacy group First Star, helping to promote policies that protect abused and neglected children across the country.

“I have been performing all my life, having grown up in singing in the church,” Martinez explained. “As a kid, I never knew about Broadway, nor was anyone in my family in the arts. But from the first time I visited New York, acting became a real and viable direction.”

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