Mirador Launches Referral Program for Former Wrestlers

Michael Simmon-Pappadakos

Mirador Real Estate, a full-service residential brokerage focusing on owner and developer rep in Manhattan, has announced that Associate Broker Michael Simmon-Pappadakos launched a referral program called “Home Match.” Simmon-Pappadakos will donate 20 percent of his commissions to a wrestling program of his clients’ choice.

“I always wanted to give back to the sport that gave me the foundation to tackle the biggest challenges of my life; my father passed away when I was young, and my mother and I hit a lot of challenges when I was growing up,” explained Simmon-Pappadakos, associate broker and former head coach and wrestler at Hunter College. “Wrestling helped me to develop my strengths, understand my weaknesses and work to correct them through persistence and resolve. As a real estate broker with a large network of wrestlers moving to NYC, I designed Home Match to continue to grow my business find a way to give back to our sport.”

Home Match is a real estate referral program for former wrestlers and boosters in New York City designed to give back 20 percent of commission back to colleges or high schools, regional training centers or charitable organizations like Beat The Streets. It is designed to help grow business, give boosters a way to give back to their programs, and allow wrestling programs to benefit from the thousands of real estate transactions taking place throughout NYC. Home Match will have a team competing at this year’s “Step into the Circle” (SITC) competition—an annual charity event taking place March 17 to raise money for Beat The Streets. Teams of wrestlers compete in a tournament of two minute-matches where trophies are presented for most money raised and team with the best score.

“I am so proud of Michael for putting this idea together,” said Karla Saladino, co-founder of Mirador Real Estate. “Being charitable is at the heart of my business, so I get very inspired when I see the agents share that same value set. I’ll be doing some donation matching at the upcoming event, and I’ll be encouraging the agents to participate in this incredible cause.”

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