U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum 2019 “What You Do Matters” NY Tribute Dinner Honors Real Estate Industry Leader Gary Jacob

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Gary Jacob | Photo by Steve Friedman

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will present its National Leadership Award to Gary Jacob, New York real estate industry leader, at the 2019 “What You Do Matters” New York Tribute Dinner on  October 28 at Cipriani 42nd Street.

Against the backdrop of the global rise in antisemitism, more than 450 guests are expected to attend this meaningful event to reaffirm their active commitment and support the Museum’s national campaign, Never Again: What You Do Matters, which will ensure that the Museum can make the critical investments to keep Holocaust memory alive as a relevant, transformative force in the 21st century.

For Jacob, supporting the Museum stems from both personal and altruistic motives.  As the direct descendant of Holocaust survivors and victims, Jacob has a personal interest in preserving the evidence of the Holocaust.  As a humanitarian, Jacob is committed to supporting the Museum’s initiatives to prevent genocide and future atrocities.

“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum plays a vital role in today’s world combating hate and antisemitism while holding us all accountable to not forget the past, and ensuring that we do not make the same mistakes in the future,” said Jacob.  “I am very proud and honored to be recognized by the Museum with the National Leadership Award.  It is a way that I can pay tribute to my family and all the others that suffered and perished during the Holocaust.”

Both of Jacob’s parents were living in Germany with his grandparents during the rise of the Nazi regime.  Jacob’s father and paternal grandparents were fortunate enough to leave and emigrate to America in 1938. Tragically, Jacob’s father’s older sister and her husband perished in the Holocaust, but their young daughter was hidden by a Christian family and was saved.

Jacob’s mother and her sister moved from Germany to Paris with his maternal grandparents in 1938, and later fled to New York.  Many of Jacob’s family who remained in Europe, his grandparents’ siblings and cousins all perished in the Holocaust.

“I visited the Museum when it first opened with my eldest son around the time of his Bar Mitzvah,” Jacob said.  “My wife, Cathy, and I made another trip this last winter with a small real estate related group.  During both visits, I was overwhelmed by emotion, and was deeply moved since many of our family members were victims of the Holocaust. My hope is that in the future the Museum can keep the memory of this painful chapter for the Jewish people and world alive.”

In addition to emerging as a leader within the Museum’s New York Real Estate group, Gary Jacob has been involved with the Museum’s New York Tribute Dinner for many years, serving as a regional co-chair of the event in 2018. Gary and his wife Cathy were also generous supporters of the “Americans and the Holocaust” exhibition, which opened last year in honor of the Museum’s 25th anniversary.

“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is honored to recognize Gary Jacob with the National Leadership Award at the 2019 New York Tribute Dinner,” said Andi Barchas, director of the museum’s Northeast office. “Gary has emerged as an esteemed leader for the Museum in the Northeast community, and we are grateful for his unwavering support and commitment to the Museum.”

Beyond serving as a longtime member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s New York Real Estate Group, Gary’s philanthropy extends to other notable causes.  He serves as Vice Chairman of the Settlement Housing Fund Inc., a not-for-profit developer of affordable housing in New York City and on the Board of Directors of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation. He is also New York Chairman of Israel Bonds, a member of the Real Estate Division’s Executive Committee of the UJA-Federation, and a supporter of the Anti-Defamation League.

The 2019 New York Tribute Dinner is chaired by Debrah Lee Charatan, Jeffrey Feil, Lloyd Goldman, Mindy Nagorsky-Israel and Ronen Israel, and Caryn and Howard Unger.  In addition, Stacey Saiontz will also be honored at the Dinner with the National Leadership Award for her dedicated leadership in the Museum’s Northeast community.

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