Strange Future: An Exhibition of New Work by Tristan Eaton

By and courtesy of Tristan Eaton

“Strange Future” is an exhibition by painter & muralist Tristan Eaton who is known for his maximalist collage and illustrative pop art style. The exhibition features a wide range of new works including large assemblages of spray paint on canvas, skateboard grip tape, auto body paint and laser-etched textures.

These graphic, abstracted compositions put modern themes of sex, crime, technology and war into pulp novel and comic book context allowing us to see the present from afar with child-like shock and wonder. Unimaginable sci-fi, horror and sexual fantasy are no longer fiction in Eaton’s “Strange Future,” they are the reality of the dystopian world we live in.

“Strange Future” is an independently produced exhibition by the artist and will be on view for one week only.

Exhibition highlights include A collaboration with Heavy Metal Magazine, an anaglyphic 3D Floor installation, blacklight posters and a Top Secret release with Kidrobot (a toy company Eaton helped bring to fame in the mid-2000s).

“We are living in a ‘Strange Future.’ Yet no one predicted how silly our dystopia would be…
I always loved Pulp novels, Sci-Fi comics and Horror movies until I realized that we’re now living in one. The subversive storytelling in American Pulp, Horror and Sci-Fi have long influenced my art and my outlook on the world but more importantly these dark renditions of the future have become prophetic, forcing life to imitate art in the most perverse way,” Tristan Eaton said.No matter how we got to this point, we are all a little responsible for our collective compulsions and embarrassingly human urges that led to this dysfunctional, science fiction future we find ourselves in. America in 2019 is a badly written, well-illustrated pulp novel that exposes our deeply seeded evil and profound stupidity – and these paintings are the cover art.”

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