How A Tomato Views New Yorkers’ Daily Life? The First Tomato-themed Pop-up Will Tell You A Different Story

A kitchen sink becomes a swimming pool for tomatoes. Participants can travel to the other side of the pool in the “bottle cap car” to meet green tomato cousins. Photo courtesy of Tomatoland

Tomatoland is a unique kind of experience offering participants the opportunity to view New York City from a tomato’s perspective. Visitors can swim in the ketchup pool or squeeze themselves into a burger just like add-ins. These are the fantasies that the Tomatoland will drive participants into. Tomatoland would like to announce their immersive pop-up exhibition which will debut in New York City on October 19, at 484 Broome Street.

Here, New Yorkers will be able to destress from daily life and discover many unique enjoyments. At the same time, it reminds them to pay more attention to keeping a friendly environment while developing the city’s economy in the next decade. To learn more, please visit the website.

Tomatoland is a dreamland that features 7 rooms and 20+ amusing scenes, created by the main character Dr. Tomato, who was from the Galapagos Islands known as the best island in 2015. Dr. Tomato has lived in New York City for years. He loves NYC but worries about the environmental challenges, especially when comparing his beautiful hometown Galapagos Islands. The primary aim of the Tomatoland design by Dr. Tomato is to remind people of the significance of protecting the city and his second home.

At the Tomatoland, participants will enter the Package Zone before the adventure, walk into the Refrigerator World, swim at the Ketchup Pool where they will meet Dr. Tomato and his friends, take a rest at the Noodle Swing or the Burger Stop, and finally arrive at the Bread Paradise. Through the entire journey, participants will interact with each scene and see a step by step explanation of how people ruin the environment.

The Ketchup Pool, a kitchen sink that becomes a swimming pool for tomatoes, is a place for participants to meet with other tomato family members. Every aspect of Tomatoland is interactive, with the aim of ensuring immersive connection by visitors. For example, the “bottle cap car” is equipped with wheels to make sure participants could travel in the pool. The water in the pool comes from a plastic bottle rather than a water faucet to arouse people’s sense of the need to saving water and protecting the environment.

The Bread Paradise theme is “think about the future” and is decorated with bread-shaped stairs with Nutella sauce. Inspired from the last scene of the film “The Truman Show”, the room is designed in a mesmeric and infinite way. Stepping on the bread-shaped stairs, participants will find an unreal door on the wall with a “Paradise” title, which means that the paradise will disappear forever if people still ignore the environmental problems.

“I really wish people in New York City to care more about their living environment,” said Fiona, the prototype of Dr. Tomato and lead designer. She has been to the Galapagos Islands for diving and was fascinated by the naturally fresh environment there. “Tomato is my favorite fruit. That’s why I create Dr. Tomato and present the exhibit from a tomato’s perspective. I expect people to think about the excessive consumption and environmental problems in the city and to recall people to take action now.”

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