Jins Releases Its First Biodegradable Sunglasses

Photo Courtesy- Jins Eyewear

Jins Eyewear announced a new line of biodegradable sunglasses as part of its popular Jins&Sun brand. Launching in the United States, the newest line of sunglasses will combine Jins&Sun’s refined frame designs with biodegradable, bioplastic materials.

Jins&Sun was launched in April 2021 under the concept of “Everyday Eye Wear,” with the collections not limited to an occasion or style. The brand did well and  in response decided to expand its product offerings with the Classic Collection.

The Classic Collection combines modern technology, innovative materials, and traditional designs to create sustainable sunglasses in line with current customer values.

A notable feature of the Classic Collection is the use of the plant-based bioplastic M49. M49 was developed by Italian polymer manufacturer Mazzucchelli as a sustainable alternative to acetate, the plastic used in most glasses frames. In contrast with regular acetate, M49 contains a high amount of plant-derived content that can be quickly broken down by microorganisms upon disposal. In addition to being more eco-friendly, M49 boasts high durability, lightweight feel, and a smooth luster. In other words.

Jing has committed to offering its first sustainable product at a price that is accessible by a wide range of customers. The Jins&Sun Classic Collection will provide affordable, high-quality sunglasses to it’s customers.