A Touch of the Sun

The Capri Maxi Dress, $249

This luxury fashion line is made with extra UPF to give you extra protection to have fun in the sun.

When it comes to guarding your skin from the sun, there’s no such thing as too much protection. Applying SPF anytime you’re in direct rays is a no-brainer, but sometimes you need an extra shield. And that’s where sun-protective clothing comes in handy. Look for items that carry an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) tag, which refers to the amount of UVA and UVB protection a fabric can provide from the sun. And with summer fully underway, now is the time more than ever to be buying sun-protective clothing.

Which is where Luminora comes in. Luminora, meaning “gift of light,” is an all-natural, sun-protective luxury apparel line for women who value freedom—freedom to be carefree in the sun.

Founded by husband-wife duo Azadeh and Ali Hendi, Luminora sets out to promote freedom for all women desiring a healthy lifestyle. As a board-certified dermatologist, fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, and renowned skin cancer specialist, Ali knows firsthand the perils of inadequate sun protection. And as his wife, so does Azadeh. The parents of two active boys, they spent many hours outdoors at the park and the beach with their family. As a fearless globetrotter with an obsession for all places sunny, Azadeh found that her active outdoor lifestyle was in conflict with science—the link of sun exposure to skin cancer, discoloration of the skin, and premature aging.

An advocate at heart, Azadeh merged her love of design and fashion, science, and travel, and created a collection of comfortable, stylish, sun-protective clothing that she could wear on-the-go or relaxing by the water. Working with her husband to find a fabric designed specifically for protection, Luminora was born.

Using the propriety Luminology Technology™ fabric, Luminora offers UPF 50+ protection. Luminology Technology™ is dermatologist-tested and was created with luxury and practicality in mind. The yarn in the fabric has been infused with a newly patented, all-natural, plant-based oil that is a natural sun-protective and antimicrobial agent. Unlike other sun-protective clothing currently on the market, Luminora pieces have not been treated with chemicals to achieve a UPF factor, and the sun protection is permanent and will not wash out over time. Soft, breathable, and leightweight, the fabric is also machine-washable, wrinkle- and fade-resistant, antimicrobial, and quick-drying.

“While most fabrics do provide some level of protection, their UPFs are not all equal or as high as you may think,” says Azadeh. “I didn’t know this either, until I witnessed a friend get a sunburn on her back after playing tennis in the sun despite wearing her cotton t-shirt for protection.” In fact, most clothing has a UPF level around five to 10 (a white tee hovers around five), but UPF-specific clothing has verified levels (usually around 30 or 50).

Luminora provides a full-range line of sun-protective clothing, including swimsuits, kaftans, sarongs, tunics, jumpsuits, tops, pants, skirts, and coverups, while all effortlessly transition for day to night. Prices for the various items in the collection range from $48 to $380. Many of the styles are adorned with a luminous eye-shaped turquoise crystal, which was a symbol used in ancient cultures to protect from “the evil eye.” The idea is that while Luminora protects your skin, the crystal will protect your spirit.

Luminora is available online as well as in the Ritz-Carlton, The Delano Hotel, Edition Hotel, and Lowes Hotel gift shops in Miami.

To learn more about Luminora and to shop their line, visit Luminora.com.

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