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The Tech Tool Saving Brick and Mortar Stores

Retail application Endear is reinvigorating brick and mortar sales by putting the relationship back into retail. The user-friendly tool tracks consumer spending habits and preferences to help associates deliver elevated customer service and sales. Launching its Beta product in the spring of 2018, the app became available nationally at the start of 2019 and now works with a range of retail clients including MM.LaFleur, Jarbo and Margaux, during which retail clients averaged an 18% increase in stores sales and a 77% increase in frequency of purchase.

Endear delivers a unique solution in a changing marketplace increasingly dominated by digital sales by capitalizing on the importance of relationships in retail. Using Endear, store associates finally have the resources they need to build high-touch relationships that result in higher, more frequent customer spending and improved store performance.

“We launched Endear because while 90% of purchases still happen in-person, store foot traffic has dropped so dramatically that stores are now sitting idle for 40% of their operating hours and have no way to drive sales during that time,” explained Leigh Sevin and Jinesh Shah, Endear’s co-founders. “With Endear, retailers can empower their store associates to use these off-peak hours to establish a meaningful connection with their customers.”

Endear’s data-driven software unifies customer profiles across channels detailing spending habits, personal tastes and preferences. Retailers and associates alike can create unique segments of customers in real time based on total spend, products purchased, store locations and more.

Associates can then take advantage of Endear’s lookbook feature to provide personalized recommendations based on each consumer’s unique style and taste. The user-friendly application then empowers sales associates to build one-on-one relationships using the app’s centralized messaging service for individual or mass email or text send outs. The app can be used on any device including store computers, smart phones, tablets and shopify POS.