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Gobi Heat Gives You The Power to Combat Chill Weather In Style With Its Line Of Adjustable Heated Apparel

Photo courtesy of Gobi

Whether you’re braving the winter cold for your kids’ soccer game, hitting the slopes, going for a run, camping out in tents, bustling through city streets, or getting through the morning commute to work, Gobi Heat’s versatile heated apparel makes it possible to take control of your warmth and embrace each moment in comfort.

Founder and CEO Jaye Genung started Gobi Heat to revamp the way heated clothing was made, after finding issues with heated jackets that had large industrial size batteries that wouldn’t last long. Featuring a large selection of fashion-forward apparel for both men and women, Gobi Heat’s carbon-fiber heating jackets, beanies, socks, vests and gloves feature an ultra-slim battery pack, that can last up to 10 hours for all-day comfort. By applying cutting-edge technology with today’s top styles, Gobi Heat has a diversity of colors and sizes to choose from that goes unrivaled by any heated apparel company on the market.

Each jacket lets you control your temperature with three heat settings and are available in 3-zone or 5- zone styles.

“Our apparel gives back control and freedom in cold temperatures,” said Genung. “Gobi Heat’s groundbreaking technology fights back at the restrictions of cold weather and allows you to continue living your best life amidst the cold—whether it be outdoors or even indoors.”

Gobi Heat offers car-charging accessories and back-up batteries so you can stay warm on-the-go, and their jackets feature wind and water resistant PU coated polyester fabric, with rugged outer fabric to resist abrasion. Gobi Heat apparel is also is washer and dryer safe: simply remove the battery, tuck the connector back into the battery pockets and wash as you would any other high quality item of outerwear.