How to Dress Like a V.I.P.

Laura Chouette/Unsplash

What’s in your closet that when you wear it, you light up the room? Perhaps you would say, “I always wear my Gucci shoes to close deals!” Men and women alike say that they have one piece that gives them confidence to walk on stage, sign a big deal or even a reason to get out of bed. Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

You see, fashion is essential. It lets people feel amazing and have fun. How you wear fashion is your style, the brand of you. Style is your voice, your self-expression.

But fashion is also addictive and costly! I was heading toward a financial problem if I didn’t take control. Working in fashion, I’d overdose on purchasing. Clothes were piling up. Too much money was spent, and still, nothing matched.

I had to start dressing like a V.I.P. and create shopping ground rules for a functioning, fierce wardrobe to fix this situation. So, I created a plan. Here are five tips to dress like a V.I.P. with a wardrobe you love.

  1. Invest in neutrals. Pick a palette of colors that work for you. While I prefer red, white and blue, others prefer pinks or yellows. Use seasonless pieces to layer, like short-sleeve tops and blazers.
  2. Invest in tops. As a mom and working from home, shirts are versatile. Dresses are less so.
  3. Museum pieces are keepers for life. Think of your body as a museum, and curate it with pieces you love. Fashion is art. Learn about the designers and brand missions. You will begin to value your purchases.
  4. Ask yourself, “Does it make me dance?” Body positivity is crucial whatever size of fabulous you are. A trend isn’t hot or sexy if you feel like a sausage! Dress according to your body type. Don’t let a sale seduce you.
  5. Eye a piece for a few days. A price may fluctuate, and, in a few days, you’ll know if it’s true love or a toss.

Fashion is love, yet the fashion industry can be gritty. I talk about this more in my book “Looking Good,” a playbook teaching anyone to turn an idea into a fashion business. What is remarkable about fashion is how it can help everyone feel like a V.I.P. When you feel great, you will be ready to conquer the world.

So next time you go shopping, keep these five tips in mind.