Sales Yoga

The secret to growing an global authentic brand in 2021 — even if you’re still on your sofa

As a speaker at the recent Next Virtual Global Conference and Fashiondex Sustainable Fashion Forum, I’m excited to share with you tips for 2021 to make an impact on your brand’s authentic growth. There’s no time to play it safe. Think about your goals as hot pizza — because you should never settle for cold, old pizza, according to Kristen Leone, owner of marketing firm Hot Pizza.

Why is it important to craft your brand story? Your clients are craving the human experience. They want to see your art and your heart in the world. With 80% of millennials buying products because of their purpose and cause, your brand story makes a big impact.

There are four pillars of creating a successful brand story: value, authenticity, purpose and heart. One fun practice to get yourself on the right path is to try to turn your worst client into a raving fan.

How can you sell your brand story authentically? First, try some sales yoga. Take a deep breath, and give clients what they want. Remember: you are your own Tylenol; you have the power to make your own headaches go away. When you meet someone, don’t just pitch your business; offer to help. Invite that person into your inner-circle and ask, “To whom can I introduce you?” You are now in the process of creating relationships, and people will begin to know, like and trust you.

How can you be a social butterfly and grow your brand following organically? The answer is simple: other people’s platforms. Speak on stages, podcasts and as many places as possible to grow your visibility. Offer gifts to turn the people you meet into brand fans, and let them fly with delight as they spread your story. Remember: the one person you reach can reach many others!

How can you have less and love more? To spread the message of sustainability, encourage people to buy pieces that makes them dance and not to let a sale sway them. Beyond spending less, people should have pieces that make them feel like a VIP that they keep and enjoy like friends for years to come. 

There’s also a magic to knowing about the designer, the craftsmanship and the brand inspiration. Sharing the sustainable practices of a designer will help consumers connect to that message. Simply sharing a little behind-the-scenes information about your supply chain can evoke passion and change.

What young companies have been making strides by following this advice? One company evoking change for craftsmanship is Ally Shoes. Its near-custom supply chain creates shoes to order, limiting excess and maximizing fit accuracy. Another is Upcycle LA, a blank apparel brand known for turning water bottles into t-shirts.

As a brand or artist, you must create; it’s your talent. How are you putting your art and your heart into the world? What is your brand story? I’d love to hear. Remember: hot pizza — you’re worth it! 

The Next Global Virtual Conference was founded by Monica Henderson. It was a two-day event to help people and brands calibrate life, maximize business and boost influence in these challenging times. The Fashiondex’s Sustainable Fashion Forum series was a weekly event produced by Andrea Kennedy.

A creative connector, Daniella Platt’s mission is to take your message and art to the world. She has built and sold hundreds of campaigns for lifestyle and fashion brands. Today, she shares the secrets to do it yourself in her book “Looking Good,” available on amazon.com. Reach out to her at hello@lookinggoodyaya.com.