Feel Good, Do Good

Courtesy of Rezort Collection

Rezort Collection’s COVID-19 essentials support the restaurant industry

Influenced by the current events, designers Catherine Liss and Francis Sango partnered to launch Rezort Collection, a capsule collection of COVID-19 essentials. The collection will drop a teaser line of products which includes a hoodie and a throw blanket.

The designers’ core belief is that when you feel good, you do good. Rezort Collection aims to help its customers by enhancing their lifestyles with meaningful pieces and enlightened basics. Liss and Sango were frustrated by the limited choices of comfortable yet elegant and stylish clothes that look effortlessly sexy. So, they created Rezort, which benefits consumers by supporting their lifestyle.

Everyone has a story to tell. Rezort is the designers’ way of sharing their story while helping consumers create their own stories to share with the world. According to the founders, Rezort inspires people not to be afraid to enjoy all the gorgeous sights and beautiful memories this world has to offer.

“We think of our designs as little stepping stones of positivity, inspiring that self-confidence to help you journey across the rushing waters of the day,” Sango said. “We also want to share in a greater sense of gratitude toward the world and all its gifts by conducting socially-conscious business, remaining mindful of our blessings and always seeking to uplift others.”

The dominant art within the collection is the Rezort logo, inspired by a peacock. The peacock symbolizes vision, self-expression, spirituality, awakening, integrity, freedom, guidance, protection and watchfulness, the co-founders said. In some cultures, the peacock also represents patience, kindness and luck. All of the aforementioned traits are much-needed during these uncertain times. The COVID-19 essentials are a prelude to the Rezort apparel collection launching later this spring.

In an effort to support the struggling restaurant business, the COVID-19 essentials line is giving back to The Barstool Fund. The founders are big fans of dining out and witnessed how negatively the coronavirus pandemic impacted the restaurant business. Developing this drop and contributing to The Barstool Fun is aligned with their company mission, they said. With every item sold, Rezort will allot a portion of funds to philanthropic causes related to the restaurant industry.

The Rezort Collection is a lifestyle brand for passionate, driven and confident women who want to give back while feeling stylish and empowered, the founders said. The brand was established in New York City in 2020. As part of their vision, Rezort is committed to building a legacy of confidence by focusing on a feel-good and environmentally-friendly approach to life.

Daniella Platt is the host of “Looking Good with Daniella & T. Coffee,” an author and an apparel industry coach/consultant. She is also the co-creator of the Jungle accessories collection. Connect with her at hello@lookinggoodyaya.com. For more information about Rezort, contact  Adriana Lerga at a.lerga@rezortcollection.com.