Wearing a Mask Is Beauty

Photo by Jacek Poblocki

While living in this novel world of the coronavirus pandemic, a new brand of beauty has been defined. Since last year, walking down the road, going shopping, meeting up with friends, riding a bike, playing tennis, taking a jog, attending a birthday party or going on a walk with friends means that we aren’t allowed to see anyone’s full face. So, we pose the question: what is beauty in 2021?

We believe that beauty is about self-love and the love of others, and in this age, that means wearing a protective mask. We define beauty as the state of being authentic and sincere in a way that extends love to yourself and others. Beauty feels real, safe, alive, playful, flowing and life-giving.

This truth doesn’t mean that beauty never has anything to do with our clothes or hair or bodies or faces. That being said, beauty goes deeper than just your outside. Having beauty during COVID-19 means deducing to mask up, no matter what the activity is outside the home.

Whether wearing a mask for self-care or for the safety of others, we applaud this action. We think this is the new statement of what is truly beautiful! The fact is that there has been a deadly virus living in the air we breathe, and we have all been at risk. Even if you are not concerned for your health, wearing a mask demonstrates love and respect for others.

There are a multitude of masks on the market to choose from. Taking all of the various types into account, we feel that the invention of the “activity mask” is best mask to wear. If you do not know what the activity mask is, then let us tell you why it’s the new staple of your everyday look. Data has shown that a protective nose and mouth covering, along with social distancing, has been the best defense in this difficult time. With the rollout of the vaccine, we can now combine these best practices with increased immunity to assimilate back into the world, hopefully without contributing to another lockdown.

The patented activity mask design with mouth opening revolutionizes mask wearing for drinking, eating, kissing, breathing when walking, biking, jogging, skiing and more while social distancing so that you don’t have to remove your mask or wear it like a chin guard. [Editor’s note: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth whenever you are in a public setting or gathering in addition to maintaining a distance of six feet from others.]

Made of neoprene, the activity mask fits securely on the face while allowing breathability and coverage. It is reusable and washable, so you won’t have to throw it in a landfill after one use. Just picture yourself riding your bike on a hot, sunny day. A standard mask style would suffocate you, irritate your skin and probably give you a breakout. The activity mask, on the other hand, opens up when you are a safe distance away from others, helping you breathe. It was invented as an additive to social distancing, not a substitute, and it should work well during what we anticipate is the post-COVID-19 era.

Made with durable, reusable and washable materials, activity masks withstand washing and retain shape and function over time. When wearing it, as soon as you get near another person, just flip up the flap to cover your mouth. Or, if you really desire a night out on the town, you can wear an activity mask and have cocktails. A percentage of the mask profit is donated to Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) COVID-19 Response Fund.

Beauty is now in the eye of the mask-wearer. The act of wearing a mask or face covering in consideration of the safety of our fellow humans is beautiful. It’s not a cream or a product, but it may be the most important beauty trend for the next year.

Michelle Alleyne is a supply chain strategist and professor. Sandra Roy is a social work graduate candidate. Find them on Instagram: @mshopnyc and @altruistic9

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