Embracing Lingerie’s New Post-pandemic Wardrobe

In the post-pandemic world, our lifestyle shape and desires have changed. Here’s what it means for your lingerie closet.

When we think of lingerie shopping, we often think of sexy ruling supreme. For years, women have searched for the perfect push-up, side smoother or minimizer. Comfort wasn’t really a top priority. But then the pandemic hit and customer demand for relaxed and body-positive styles became the new norm. Daily routines have changed and so have our lingerie wardrobes, making us rethink our pre-COVID undergarments and whether they meet our current lifestyle. The question that comes up is: What types of bras d women want for a life that’s changed so much?

In the post-pandemic era, the American public has realized that it is not the same size as before nor do they ever want to give up on wearing apparel that is soft and cozy. Countless articles have been written about the “COVID-15” weight gain syndrome, which has left many with a few extra pounds after more than a year cloistered at home. Our “Before” bras are not as comfortable as they once were, and as we purchase new ones, we are looking for styles that meet the new demands of how we work and play.

Women still want to feel confident, and that confidence comes from feeling great on the inside and outside. Women want to feel comfortable and wear something that’s beautiful when walking around their neighborhoods. That means searching for bra styles that are not as restricting as before, buts till feed into the sense of optimizing that women want to express. Relaxed styles now have a put-together look, and nude and black bras are now sitting next to bright pops of color and beautiful prints.

A Bra Tech Talk

Technology is what is behind the bras that are creating this new category of the “all-day” bra, which speaks to women who are not only working during the day but who also are focusing on activities that improve overall wellness, such as going for afternoon walks or taking a lunchtime yoga class.

Speaking more specifically about one’s lingerie wardrobe, the first style that comes to mind that has seen a major post-COVD adjustment is the wire-free bra. The wire in a bra does a lot of work, but you can still achieve the look without the wire. The expectation of a no-wire bra is the flattening and spreading of the chest, but that is no longer the case. Those on the cutting edge of launching new intimate apparel are taking the best of sports bras, bralettes and new technologies and are creating garments that focus on comfort over conforming. How is it possible for a wire-free bra to offer the same support as a wired bra? The secret is a foam pad inside the cup, which helps with support and comfort so that the inserted engineered pad offers a push up effect.

Another example where comfort and style unite is a spacer bra. This is when air is knitted into the yarn, which results in a bra that is light and comfortable, like “wearing air.” While it may lack the support for anyone that’s larger than a D cup, adding an outer layer or molded lace can provide the perfect combination of femininity, fashion and function.

Flesh Containment 

The so-called “COVID-15” led to “flesh containment,” which is a new term for a bra that can keep extra skin within the cups. Shoppers will also be seeing more scoop back bras with back and sides that offer more containment without bulkiness. Particularly for full-figure women, they may notice a difference in their postures or the way they feel and may actually want to find a solution that gets them back into a bra that’s supportive and feels great all day long.

The Evolution of the Strapless Bra

With more special events and trips being planned than ever, the strapless bra is back in a whole new way. New styles offer a wider, smoothing back, and wire-free versions are being designed with elements that help the bra to stay in place. This includes engineered support with jacquard fabrics and a pad that is engineered with compression zones. Some are wearing a strapless bra as an everyday because there is no strap to dig into shoulders and there is stills support and uplift. Strapless styles, in general, are not always comfortable because of the wire digging into the under bust. Newer versions of the strapless bra offer a balconette with a longer band so that no comfort is sacrificed.

Now is an exciting time in the lingerie industry, as women seek to update their current lingerie wardrobes with “all day” bras that meet the demands of a new lifestyle. Shoppers are looking for feminine silhouettes and details, hybrid sports influenced bras that transition from office to gym to lounge and styles that enhance everyday well-being. By using the latest fabric and manufacturing technologies, we can create the next generation of lingerie that adapts to daily activities that are as varied as the lives we live.

Dora Lau is the founder, president and CEO of Dora L. International (DLI). DLI is a full-service intimate apparel company known for solution-driven innovation and success in shipping millions of bras each quarter. For more than 28 years, DLI has developed private label merchandise for leading intimate apparel brands in band sizes 32 to 54 cup sizes A to K.