Dopamine Colors: The Key Fashion Trend — and Designer Aysha Seed Gets It

What do you feel like wearing? Selecting clothing is largely based on what elements of fashion spark joy and give us energy. Before making a purchase or walking out the door, a good question to ask yourself is, “Does it make me dance?”

Appetites for bright colors have grown in popularity as people venture outside once again post-pandemic. You can see this trend locally, as friends and neighbors are starting to emerge wearing pops of hot pink and bright blue. It isn’t a coincidence that colors evoke energy and dopamine; how we are dressing is in sync with the mood of the world. There is a certain level of awareness of the relationship between color and mental health as well — it’s why dressing up “just for fun” is truly healthy! An increase in dopamine sparks joy as well as serotonin, which is largely known as the “happy mood hormone” of our bodies.

So, what are the trending, dopamine-inducing colors of this season? A collaborative talk with trend forecasting companies WGSN and Coloro revealed that the five shades for Spring/Summer 2024 are:

1. Elemental Blue, which triggers affection and emotion.
2. Radiant Red, which boasts softness, as opposed to its traditional primary color.
3. Fondant Pink, representing the metaverse with its candy-like pop that transitions vibrantly from the physical to the digital world.
4. Nutshell, an earthy, brownish tone with a beautiful satin sheen finish that appeals to today’s culture and luxury market.
5. Cyber Lime, a neon that fits into the current roster of fun brights.

The brand The North Face has a different variation on an energetic color pallet. Its neutrals showcase skin color diversity with a gender-neutral base — think tinted browns, mauve-casted tans and other colors that evoke both masculine and feminine energy. The brand also designs workwear in shades of off-white, navy, taupe, brown, military green and olive.

Other conscious colors to be mindful of include soft pastels, peach tones, chalk and pumice. These colors offer energetic tones that are derived from the earth, rather than being covered by synthetics, and celebrate color’s raw, natural beauty.

Today, anyone can wear anything; masculine and feminine energies are moving away from gendered stereotypes, and there is momentum in the above-mentioned trending colors to support gender inclusivity and shift the general mindset to remove gender from color. One result of this shift is that pink and purple are likely in question for all shoppers!

But why are these colors making such an impact? It’s the energy of society today. The world is a mix of divides: emotions, lifestyle habits, politics, gaming and the virtual world, just to name a few. Today, there are creators, innovators, re- thinkers and dreamers, all who aim for positive change for the future — which includes working toward a healed, post-pandemic world. Color represents a voice without words and a loud form of self-expression — when you dress up for your adventures, you are displaying your personal confidence and mission

As you can see, there are no limitations to how many ways you can embrace color — as long as you are sparking joy with your choices. Let’s build a brighter future!

Speaking of a brighter future, meet Aysha Seed and her namesake fashion brand, Aysha NY, which sparks joy and creates energy with her unique creations. As the brand’s founder, Seed creates garments that are works of art, filled with whimsy, creativity, quirkiness and fun.

I caught up with Seed to find out more about what influences her brand aesthetic.

Tell me about the origin of Aysha NY.

Aysha NY, a fashion and lifestyle brand, was founded and self-funded with one purpose: to make clothing that will give women the power to utilize fashion in order to control and create perceptions. I’ve been doing this since I was 12 years old, when I moved to the United States with my family from Pakistan.

How did fashion give you the confidence to fit in?

As an awkward teenager, I turned to fashion in order to fit in with the American culture. I learned at an early age that wearing beautiful clothing that fit me and had style gave me a much-needed source of confidence and a sense of my identity. That is what I wanted the Aysha NY brand to do for women.

Where do you produce your clothing?

In 2019, I made a commitment to make 100% of our garments in New York City. I am committed to doing what we can to bring back jobs to the New York City Garment District. All of our garments are designed, sourced and produced with sustainability in mind.

What is something that is unique about your collection?

We work with almost 13 different businesses to make one single garment from start to finish! Those 13 factories and suppliers are mostly women-owned or mom-and-pop local businesses.

Aysha NY is known for the Blousette, a hybrid garment that is part blouse and part jacket. I’ve tried it on, and the drape, colors and print felt rich! How do you style the Blousette like a VIP?

The Blousette is such a versatile piece because it can be worn and styled in so many ways. Our favorite way to wear it is with solid-colored pants. The solid color is important because it does not fight with the Blousette’s print. The pants’ cut can be fitted or more of a trouser style as well.

So, whether you are a fashion/publishing producer and rep like me, a creative or in the fashion world in any capacity, keep in mind that you are in the business of inducing dopamine and sparking joy through your color choices. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. You are limitless!

How will you be sparking joy through dopamine colors? Let me know on LinkedIn @DaniellaPlatt.

Daniella Platt is a brand strategist and author of “Fashion Startup Playbook” and “Ten Commandments to be a Sales Rockstar.” Energy is her fashion statement. Visit for your complimentary brand consultation and your free guide: “How to Dress Rich — on Any Budget” with bonus “Tips to Create a Clothing Line.”