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Sanuk Rolls Out 100% Plant-Based Veg Out Collection with Carbon Neutral Materials


Sanuk recently announced the launch of its latest eco-conscious innovation: Veg Out. This 100% plant-based footwear capsule collection, comprised of just seven low-impact, plant-based and recycled natural materials, offers a lighter step that doesn’t sacrifice on style or comfort.

Guaranteed to keep you grounded, the new collection includes two Sidewalk Surfer styles with hemp cotton blend uppers, jute footbeds and cork and natural rubber outsoles. Featuring a natural look with undyed fibers, an intentional decision to further reduce environmental impact when compared to conventional fabric dyeing and finishing processes, these laced styles use minimal ingredients, while still delivering on Sanuk’s signature heavy dose of cushiony comfort, made for all-day wear. Known for pushing boundaries within the sustainable footwear space, with both its previous “rubbish reincarnated” SustainaSole collection and use of Sugar Cane EVA in the Cozy Vibes collection, Sanuk is showcasing plant-based isn’t just for diets anymore, encouraging customers to embrace more sustainable products.

In addition to using plant-based materials over synthetic ingredients, Sanuk is taking the Veg Out Collection a step further by measuring the carbon emissions associated with the product’s materials. The materials used in the collection are low-impact, and the brand purchased offsets to address the small remaining amount of carbon emissions, making the collection’s product materials 100% carbon neutral.

“This collection was designed to intentionally push the boundaries of building sustainable products through the sole use of plant-based materials, which is rarely done in footwear,” said Katie Pruitt, Director of Product at Sanuk. “The research and development in the material space required us to rethink manufacturing through a new lens, and we’re proud to unveil this line as a result. Now, who’s ready to Veg Out?”