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Separatec Classic One-Color-One-Day Cotton Boxers Make Itself an Intimate Gift Idea This Holiday Season and Beyond

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As the holiday season approaches and people begin choosing gifts for their loved ones everywhere, Separatec, a tech-driven men’s underwear expert with a mission to ensure men’s health and well-being with patented technology and innovative designs, is making it supremely easy to choose the perfect men’s gift. With its “every day is different” design concept featuring a new color for every day of the week, the Separatec breathable cotton boxers, with proprietary Dual Pouch™ technology that offers great separation and support, are not only an ideal gift option for this holiday season but also other special occasions all year long.

Stylishly Vibrant One-Color-a-Day Classic Cotton Boxers

Separatec’s belief when it comes to underwear is that every day is a big day. Aside from simplifying the gift-choosing process for the holidays, the Separatec one-color-a-day classic cotton boxers are the perfect men’s gift at any time of the year.

Using seven stylish colors, one vibrant color for each day of the week, Separatec has singlehandedly disrupted the traditional single-pocket men’s underwear space with its patented Dual Pouch™ tech. The technology gives men’s underwear extra space with cooling benefits that keep the private area dry and hygienic around the clock. Its innovative separated pouch design features a front pouch that ensures the downstairs environment is kept fresh with the lower section providing the necessary support. This unique design creates a natural separation and reduces stickiness.

Thanks to the comfort the product brought to the wearers, Separatec sold more than million pairs of these classic cotton boxers every year and kept regular upgrades to create a better wearing experience for the fans.

Moisture-Wicking Natural Bamboo Material Underpants

Another gift idea is Separatec’s natural bamboo rayon fabric trunks, which are soft, breathable, and instant moisture-wicking, that empower men to stay fresh and cool all day long. The innovative Dual Pouch™ system naturally separates the intimate areas, with the front pouch keeping everything fresh and the lower pouch providing support and airflow, meaning stickiness and constant readjustments are a thing of the past.

The simple but comfortable-to-wear bamboo underwear, available in varied styles, prints, and materials, comes in navy blue, moonlight blue, and heather gray. The arched cut leg design solves the common and eternally annoying ride-up issue that allows for a full day, hassle-free wearing experience. Separatec has adopted an innovative sewing technology that makes the internal suture fluffier, reduces stitching, and solves the pressure and irritation caused by friction. The high elastic soft waistband also ensures a pressure-free wearing experience that reduces tightness and increases flexibility.

Dual Surprise in Separatec. For those looking to reward themselves or surprise the closest people they love, Separatec’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday special offers will begin on Thursday, November 21, 2022, and run till Monday, December 4, 2022, on Separatec’s official website and Amazon store.

About Separatec

Since its inception in 2015, Separatec is driven by its vision of creating some of the best underwear with ergonomic features that reshape the role and function of men’s basic layers. The first product with the proprietary design has been a huge commercial success and has quickly become a firm favorite of customers around the globe. The brand has built on previous milestones to craft a series of premium products integrated with luxurious fabrics and innovative technologies that match the ever-evolving lifestyle of its users.

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