J’evar: The New Purpose-Driven Fine Jewelry Brand

Photo courtesy of J’evar and Lipman Studio

In the last few years, lab-grown diamonds have increasingly gained popularity and drawn attention from consumers who are concerned about the environmental and ethical implications of mining. As consumers become more conscious about the impact of their purchases, they look for a luxury brand that aligns with their concern for the world around them without sacrificing the beauty and elegance of fine jewelry. That is where J’evar enters the conversation.

Setting the Standard for the Future of Fine Jewelry

J’evar is a brand new fine jewelry brand that aims to bridge the gap between beauty and sustainability by offering their customers lab-grown diamonds, recycled gold, carbon-neutral shipping and more. J’evar is setting a new standard for fine jewelry by combining artisanal craftsmanship with materials sourced through environmentally friendly practices. J’evar is a brand that gives customers a sense of pride in owning it and wearing it. With its commitment to sustainability and beauty, J’evar is a brand to watch in the rapidly evolving diamond and fine jewelry industry.

J’evar is the vision of Founder Amish Shah, who is dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to transition the diamond industry toward a future where there is no compromise between sustainability and beauty. Shah’s family has been in the diamond business since 1933, serving as jewelers to the royals in India. Shah believes that if someone like him – whose roots in the diamond trade go back almost a century – can adapt and innovate along with the changing times, then the rest of the industry certainly can too. Shah pioneered the lab-grown diamond industry with the world’s first lab-grown diamond jewelry collection for the trade in 2006 and incubated the well-known trade brand ALTR in 2016, which led to consumer education globally disrupting the traditional industry and breaking the myths of rarity and monolithic pricing models.

J’evar is influenced by art and architecture and is designed to be both wearable and relevant, melding the traditional and the contemporary, with obsessive attention to detail. The brand’s jewelry is designed to celebrate the heritage and push the boundaries of creativity. Inspired by India’s jewelry-making heritage and incubated with New York’s glamor and energy, J’evar creates jewelry with a conscience. The brand features several collections including the Beating Hearts Collection, Lotus Petals Collection and Elements. These collections include diamond necklaces and pendants, diamond bracelets and diamond earrings.

Transparency In the World of Diamonds

J’evar believes first and foremost in transparency. How does a brand earn a consumer’s trust? By telling the consumer about every component involved in the design process and where they come from. On the J’evar website, every product description includes a full breakdown of that jewelry piece. Detailing how the diamonds were grown, if the metals were recycled or not, the weight of both the diamonds and gold, and more. This ensures that when customers seek information about the sourcing of diamonds and metals before making a purchase, the origins of their fine jewelry materials are no mystery.

J’evar knows the importance of every element that goes into a piece of fine jewelry. That is why they exclusively use Type IIa diamonds – the purest type on Earth grown with renewable energy – with a color range between D-G and clarity ranging from VVS-VS from. This means that the quality of a J’evar diamond is higher than the minimum offered by most of the finest brands in the world. Their superior cutting expertise, provided by the House of ALTR, results in diamonds that sparkle with a ferocity that far exceeds most diamonds and is unmatched in beauty and luminosity.

Sustainability Is Not Just a Buzzword

Their commitment to transparency and sustainability does not end with their jewelry. In keeping with its brand value of radical openness, J’evar is fiercely committed to the highest standards of social and ethical behavior and environmental stewardship. Unlike earth-mined diamonds, J’evar’s jewelry-making processes do not disturb an inch of soil, saving the displacement of 100 square feet (about the area of an apartment bedroom) of land and 126 gallons (about 476.96 L) of water for every diamond-carat mined.

They do not stop their commitment to being environmentally friendly with the manufacturing of jewelry. Just like with their lab-grown diamond growing facilities, J’evar’s digital store is powered by renewable energy along with providing carbon-neutral shipping through third-party agencies to measure the carbon offset of every single shipment. Their use of renewable energy to grow the diamonds and carbon neutral practices are all done in compliance with GHG (Green House Gas) Protocol Scope 1 and 2. At J’evar, purity is not just a buzzword; it is a standard of beauty that is incorporated in every step of production and design. From water conservation to recycled metals to shipping processes, J’evar is dedicated to positively impacting the environment. With its commitment to sustainability and beauty, J’evar is a brand that customers can feel good about wearing.

With a long-term goal of Net Zero in compliance with the guidelines of the United Nations GHG Protocol, J’evar has implemented its own checks and balances to ensure its promise of being carbon neutral is upheld with a focus on further lowering carbon emissions. J’evar is required to submit all their quarterly emissions in terms of how much power they are using for a full evaluation to the designated agencies. In April 2022, ALTR became India’s first lab-grown diamond facility to use predominantly solar power and they are core to the supply chain for J’evar.

Art and Heritage Drive Design and Innovation

J’evar’s initial jewelry collections, including the Beating Hearts Collection, Lotus Petals Collection and Elements, are influenced by art, architecture and India’s rich jewelry-making heritage while being designed to be wearable and relevant. Their jewelry is made to be silk and sweater-resistant There is no fear of snagging and ruining your style. Whether you plan to wear your jewelry for the night, or never plan to take it off, J’evar is designed for you. The design collections represent emotions and moments. The diamond bracelets, diamond earrings and diamond necklaces are designed for everyday wear on the runway. The brand is focused on celebrating moments through self-purchase and gifting.

J’evar sets a new standard for fine jewelry by combining artisanal craftsmanship with environmentally friendly materials and practices. They are a brand that customers can feel good about, from the diamonds grown with renewable energy to the carbon-neutral shipping process. With its commitment to sustainability and beauty, J’evar is a brand to watch in the rapidly evolving diamond industry.

For more information on J’evar, visit their website here.